Food for fines


Annual canned food drive to benefit college

By Quinn Storm, News Editor

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s important for people everywhere to remember to be kind, generous and loving to their friends, family, neighbors and strangers that they encounter. There is almost no better way to do that than by donating time, money, food or presents to those in need. Here at Schoolcraft, the Bradner Library is making it easy for students to provide necessary resources to those who could really use it by hosting a food drive from Nov. 7 to Jan. 31.
“I think it’s the time of the year where I like to encourage people to help out any way they can to people who may need some additional help. We thought it would be a good time for the library to get involved in this because a lot of times during the holidays there are, across campus, different efforts of people having drives–toy drives, clothes drives, that type of thing. So it’s a nice way to contribute to campus and to help people out,” said Wayne Pricer, a Reference Librarian for the Bradner Library.
What would the holidays be without food, presents and love? Luckily, many people don’t have to worry about a lack of those things. But there are people that one encounters every day who are struggling, without anyone around them knowing. This food drive is collecting any undamaged and non-expired canned food items to donate to the Schoolcraft food pantry where students in need are able to go to twice a month to collect food items they may need.

Jay Solanki, a Schoolcraft student, participates in the good drive and filling the food pantry on Schoolcraft’s campus. (Photo by Mikey Cebulski, Photo Editor)

While the library is doing this to help people out, they are also allowing a “forgiveness” of fines for those who donate. Each donation is worth a one-dollar credit. So for example, if one forgot to return a book for a few days and had a three-dollar fine, they would be able to donate three canned goods to pay their fine off. This forgiveness is not applicable to lost or damaged items, only late fees.
“I think it’s a great idea to be able to redirect the funds to the food pantry. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to give back to our students,” said Dr. Deborah Daiek, Dean of Education and Learning Support Services.
This program, ongoing since 2007, has provided many students the opportunity to have their minds’ put to ease on how they’re going to receive food, and that’s a wonderful thing. Especially during the busy holiday season, one shouldn’t worry about when they’re going to get food next.
“I think it shows that the library is being community minded about things. We want to help the community; we want to help the students out if we can. I think it’s a wonderful idea because we can help the community and the student at the same time,” said Kristin Keyes, a Bradner Library librarian.
Anyone interested in donating to the food drive or getting more information on the event is welcome to go to the Bradner Library to ask questions. The library can also be reached by calling (734) 462-4440.