Prepare yourselves . . . winter is coming


Winter is the best season in Michigan

 By Dylan Randolph, Editor-in-Chief

Winter in Michigan is a magical time. (Photo from

“The Mitten” is more than just a nickname for the state of Michigan; although it was based on the shape of the state, residents know just how eventful Michigan can be around winter. Whether it is dealing with the snow that is bound to fall every year to learning to drive on the roads, Michiganders often find themselves complaining about the harsh environment that surrounds them for months on end. However, people seem to forget just how magical Michigan winters can be.
Comparing summer to winter, winter wins hands down. While summer does bring fun activities like swimming and having barbecues, winter offers just as much, if not more activities to do. While going to the beach and swimming may be fun, many residents find themselves sunburned and exhausted by the time they return home. During the winter, individuals can forget about the risk of being burnt by the sun by engaging in other fun outdoor activities. Families across the state will venture out to the nearest hill they can find and go sledding, snowboarding, tubing or any other exhilarating way they can think of to get down the hill. Once families are done racing down the hill they can go and enjoy a nice warm cup of hot chocolate that is more comforting than a tall glass of lemonade.
Tubing is a great family activity, and in winter, you don’t need a boat! (Photo from

Another aspect that people overlook in Michigan is the pure beauty of the blankets of snow that cover the trees and lakes of the state. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up the morning after a snowfall and opening the curtains to see diamond like shining coming from all around. The way the snow looks when it’s untouched is incomparable than any other sight in the state. Seeing the lakes across Michigan frozen over and the Christmas lights that shimmer on the reflection of the snow are awe inspiring to say the least.
Maybe one of the most important aspects of winter that is underappreciated is the quality family time that is involved during the season. Winter brings holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years for families to celebrate together. There is nothing better than family members coming together for the holidays catching up with each other, bonding and laughing all at the same time. Family is entirely underrated these days due to the fact that the modern generation is always looking for the next step instead of living in the moment. But with the upcoming season, people are given the chance to sit down and appreciate the time they have with their family, Time is only borrowed, so the winter season gives families the option to truly spend time with each other and cherish the memories they make instead of the possessions they have.
Holidays bring people together, bringing a warmth even when the weather is frightful. (Photo from

Winter gives people the ability to do so much more than they realize whether it is spending time with family, engaging in fun outdoor activities or simply cuddling up around the fire and relaxing. If someone is to sit down and compare each season to winter, they could truly see just how special the season in Michigan can be.
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Simply cuddling in front of a fire makes winter special. (Photo from