World of uncertainty


Where women will stand under President Trump

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

For the many issues that women face in modern day America the preferred candidate for most was certainly Hillary Clinton, unfortunately we are faced with Mr. Donald Trump as the official president elect instead. This means a world of uncertainty for many when it comes to knowing what lies in the future for the advancement of women’s issues. Many policies on the campaign either have changed multiple times, were never addressed or remain skeptical because there has not been any real plan reported. This leaves a looming cloud of darkness over many who fear the future will be sliding backward instead of moving forward.
One of the most argued debates on both sides of the aisle in Congress as well as for presidents and across America is abortion rights and women’s health insurance regarding topics of prenatal care, birth control, maternity leave and child health care cost. These are immensely important, as they can be some of the most expensive and vital aspects of a women’s health. Trump has agreed that these are extremely important and he plans to focus on these issues yet flip f lops on decisions without giving a real answer to keep the minds of females at ease. His position on abortions is clear. Unless they are for those involved in a rape, incest or when the mother’s life is endangered, they will be completely banned. He also supports bans on abortions after 20 weeks no matter the case.
He wants to make it a main priority to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act (“Obama Care”) as well. This act has made it possible for millions of uninsured women to receive health care coverage that includes birth control and prenatal care. In addition to this, Trump and many republicans who now hold control of the House and Senate have mentioned that the war on shutting down Planned Parenthood and all funding for it as well will finally come to an end. That is because they plan on doing exactly that, shutting it down and using those funds for who knows what else and no one has offered any sort of back up plan to replace the services of Obama Care or Planned Parenthood. This could leave many women not being able to afford any sort of prenatal care to care for their fetus or birth control to prevent pregnancy from occurring in situations when it is undesired or economically unsound.
Women are now being told that choices that involve their own body are being taken away, but also probably will not see equal pay anytime soon either. Yet again, there is no plan for actually enforcing women to receive equal pay as men besides comments from Trump of, “You’re gonna make the same if you do as good a job.” Not very reassuring. The fight must go on because letting it be ignored and pushed to the side will simple mean it will never get dealt with.
Maternity leaves and childcare are other areas that are extremely important, but murky water for the resident elect. He has not outlined any policy proposal to ease the crushing burden of childcare cost for American families, which can at times be more expensive than rent and food. He has even hinted with statements that he thinks it is a good idea to create, but isn’t the responsibility of the government, or saying he basically isn’t going to deal with it. One guarantee we can look towards is that a woman will be proposed six weeks guaranteed maternity leave, but family leave will need to be discussed, when America is the only major country in the world without policies regarding this issue.
Trump will be President and that is a fact everyone has to deal with, but be wary of what policies he actually will try to ensue. Women now more than ever need to continue hard and strong the fight for equality and getting the issues that matter to us directly actually dealt with. The fight for equality has only just begun and if ignored could mean regressing back instead of moving forward into a new era of greatness.

With the President Elect, Mr. Trump, what will happen to women’s healthcare rights and other issues that women have fought so hard for are virtually unknown. (Images from,, and