Schoolcraft’s hidden gem


Radcliff campus offers plenty of programs to give back

By Dylan Randolph, Editor-in-Chief

While most students who attend Schoolcraft believe that there is only one campus for them to utilize and explore, the reality is there is more to Schoolcraft than meets the eye. Located at 1751 Radcliff St. in Garden City lays the Radcliff Center where students can study certain economic and history courses as well as medical courses like EMT and Massage Therapy. However, one of the most important aspects that Radcliff has to offer is the variety of programs that they create to give back to their faithful community.

Share Joy

As the holiday season quickly approaches there are thousands of families across the country that are in need of simply gifts such as blankets, pillowcases and so on. In order to fight against poverty, the Radcliff Center has teamed up with the Wayne County Family Center to give back to the community. The Wayne County Family Center is home to several families including 74 children without families and is one of the only shelters in Michigan that keeps the families together instead of separating them. As the temperature drops throughout Michigan, the number is sure to grow, so Radcliff has implemented a program titled “Share Joy,” to make sure families have things to sleep on. Students, faculty and regular members of the community are encouraged to bring by gift bags for the homeless centers this holiday. The “Share Joy” program has also had students volunteer in making pillowcases for families who need them.

Students and faculty hard at work preparing pillowcases to donate. (Photo Courtesy of Mary Rader)

“We have already had a lot of success with the pillowcases. The students work on cutting and sewing the fabric to form the pillowcases, all as volunteer work. So far this year we have given out 70 pillow cases,” said Medical Assisting Program Director Mary Rader.

Giving Tree

Another program that Radcliff is offering this holiday season is something they like to call the “Giving Tree.” This program is slightly different from the “Share Joy” programs due to the size of the operation. Each year Radcliff puts up a Christmas tree completely undecorated, besides lights, in the lobby of their campus and it is the community’s job to decorate the tree. However, the decorations are not the typical snowflakes and ornaments that people are used to seeing. This year the Radcliff staff is encouraging people of the community to decorate the tree with unopened packages of socks and underwear in order to be donated to the homeless.

The Annual “Giving Tree” decorated with donations to the homeless. (Photo courtesy of Mary Rader)

Head Start

While the Livonia campus may offer day care to its students as well as the community, the Radcliff Center offers a program just as special. Radcliff’s “Head Start” is a program directed to underprivileged families who are having difficulty going to school and raising their young. Children five years and younger can attend a free, safe day care while their parents attends classes on campus so each individual is benefited. The “Head Start” program offers health and wellness support, medical screening, dental services and nutritious services for the families enrolled.

After School Help

Another service that is unique to the campus is the Math and ELA Theatre program that is offered to the middle school children next to the campus after K-12 school hours. During this program the children are welcomed by parents, staff and tutors to attend an after school learning session in which the educators will help the children with subjects like Math, English Reading and Writing. The program offers snacks to the children as well as hands on activities for the children to learn in a nontraditional sort of way.
“It truly is a lot of fun working with the children, I haven’t seen a week go by where the children don’t leave without a smile on their face” said Rader.
Although individuals around the Livonia campus may not have heard about Radcliff and the programs it offers, the community sure has. Whether it is giving back to the needy with clothes and pillowcases through programs like “Share Joy” and the “Giving Tree” or donating food from their own food pantry, Radcliff is continually giving.
For anyone interested in volunteering for the events or donating to the cause, contact the Radcliff Center at 734- 462-4770.