Bundled up


Winter fashion that will keep you safe from the cold

By Lizzie Casella, Managing Editor

In the midst of winter with everyone bundled up from the blistering cold and rushing to get indoors, it may be hard to feel fashionable. A coat of a certain style or color can make more of a statement than one thinks and make heads turn from every direction. Functional fashion is the best kind and winter is the perfect season to experiment with this concept.


Puffer jackets have finally made their way into the sun of fashion and it is their time to shine proudly. This coat is more than incredibly warm feathers and insulation essentially; in a bold color or ornate feather pattern it can be thrown over any fancy outfit for a comfortable, yet chic night on the town. Metallic and bright colors are the most interesting and popular way to go for this coat.
Last winter the camel overcoat was all the rage, but this year the view has shifted to the classic Navy overcoat. This coat is just as versatile as the nude tone of the camel jacket, but a bit more dramatic of a look. It gives an accent of gold or silver tones depending on the buttons and goes with pretty much anything causal, evening or just running errands. Adorning the jacket with buttons or patches can give it an extra flavor of personality as well. It really is an easy versatile piece for any occasion.
For those unreasonably cold days that are too cold for a jacket, but too warm for the wool–try a patent trench. This will offer more warmth than its lightweight counterpart, but offers ventilation at the same time to keep from overheating. It is good for rain resistance as well. It can be made more attractive with a bright pop of color on the coat; color blocked for a fun twist or remain in neutral tones for the more reserved characters.


The military jacket can be worn in classic green or add a little class with red and brown tones; the color is really one’s own choice. This jacket is extremely flattering to the figure with the belt across the middle and the vertical button leading the eye on the front. The straps on the shoulders add extra design features that please the eye as well and this simple design offers many other branch off design changes to choose from. This makes the coat match anyone’s style.
The duffle coat sometimes looks larger than life, but can be warm and comfy all in one. This fashion piece can offer large pockets and hood for extra space in the jacket as well as movement. The knobby looking buttons offers a more earth design than the chic button look. Earth tones are the most common look for this jacket and offer the most fashionable look, but the more eccentric may choose to venture the color spectrum, more which is a way to stand out from the crowd.
The classic pea coat will always be a stand out piece. This slimming jacket offers a well-fitted look with vertical buttons that lead the eye to the matching collar. This look goes nicely with dressier outfits or can dress up the causal outfit. It truly is the coat of all coats, being fashion forward yet timeless. This look can be finished off with a scarf or hat and still look amazing on most figures. The classy man will always have at least one of these in his closet and the best advice is to stay to the black or grey tones with this coat for the best look.