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No time is better than the present to start yourself on a good path. (Image from

Setting achievable goals for the New Year

By The Schoolcraft Connection Editorial Staff

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No time is better than the present to start yourself on a good path. (Image from

No time is better than the present to start yourself on a good path. Luckily, the present is the New Year and that means it’s twice as good of a time. The New Year gives everyone an opportunity to wipe his or her plate clean and start off on a good foot. The tradition usually is to make resolutions to accomplish; these typically get forgotten or don’t end up working out in the long run. Instead of setting big goals that aren’t necessarily attainable it is better to set smaller, practical goals. Some of the best are to find ways to have better karma, try something new, be healthier through more sleep and be happier in one’s social circle.
One of the best things one can do for themselves is set a goal to cleanse their karma. If one decides to only put positive energy into the world they’ll be improving their lives and the lives of others at the same time. Since getting a fresh start is important, don’t get caught up on past events that may exhibit negativity. Everyone has the ability to be a kind person, and there’s no better time than now to make that resolution.
Another exciting thing to try is looking for new hobbies and habits to form. Whether it is going to the gym, stopping smoking or even finally learning an instrument that has always wanted to be learned. However, many people quit their pursuit of their resolutions within the first three months of the New Year, but there is a way to combat this. If someone is trying to learn something new such as guitar, or even a new language, if they practice for one hour a day for ten days straight, they have officially retained the information they have practiced so far. People say that it takes roughly 21 days to form a new habit, so this year, do not get discouraged if it isn’t perfect the first time. Practice makes perfect.
Another goal that only has positive effects is getting more sleep at night. Lots of people especially college students complain about always being tired or having a lack of sleep in their life. Studies show from that one in three adults do not get enough sleep at night. One New Year’s resolution that will for sure be a successful choice will be getting more sleep at night. This will help you have more energy, do better in work and school and be happier overall. Cutting out afternoon naps and going to sleep earlier at night is a simple way to start this habit. Another is to wake up earlier in the morning, your body will start to adjust and will set a new sleeping schedule that keeps one going through the day when its needed and getting longer REM sleep at night, this helps the body recover faster.
One of the biggest downfalls in life can be having friends or people in one’s social circle that are always negative or bring people down. Some friendships and people don’t always mesh and forcing things can become toxic to one’s health socially and emotionally. Separating yourself from these types of individuals will make one happier and open to succeed in the things you love. It also will allow your self-confidence to flourish.
Setting practical goals like working out once a week, forming new habits, drinking more water or getting more sleep is the best way to start the New Year. This year can be the year of a better you if you work towards it. Practice makes perfect and that takes effort. Start off small instead of making big resolutions that seem unattainable, because that may lead to being discouraged and quitting all together. Small goals all lead up to the big picture in the end.