A new form of entertainment


While podcasts have been around for awhile, changing and more prevalent technology have led to the resurgence of the podcast. (Image from YouTube.com)

The rising popularity of podcasts

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

Podcast logo from YouTube
While podcasts have been around for awhile, changing and more prevalent technology have led to the resurgence of the podcast. (Image from YouTube.com)

The year 2016 was the year of the podcasts. Podcasts are nothing new to the entertainment world, which debuted in 2003, but used to be underrated since it was challenging to get listeners to stay fully engaged for an entire episode. With the advancement of technology and the immense jump in personal entertainment devices, the reinvention of podcasts became a popular idea this past year. This rejuvenated form of entertainment took off in an unexpected fashion and with it came a vast new world of podcasting.
Podcasts can be found for anything now, from sports to science fiction to news or even talks about famous movies and TV shows. The possibilities are endless. One may wonder why this popularity hit at this time. It is not just due to the updating of technology; it also is due to the form of consumption and societies behavior changing. The world of sitting down to binge watch a favorite show on Netflix has now created a world of sitting down to indulge in hours of listening to a favorite audio podcasts while getting things done. This form of entertainment suites the busy on the go lifestyle of today’s modern society that the binge watching show hobby does not necessarily work for.
According to convinceandconvert.com podcasts listening grew by 23 percent in 2016 and monthly podcasts listenership increased by 75 percent since 2013. Many of these listeners are from younger demographics which ages range from 12 to 20 years old. The mobility of podcasts has risen immensely and contributes to the rise in popularity. Approximately 64 percent of podcasts are now being listened to on mobile devices through apps instead of computers. Podcasts also are starting to reach listeners of older demographics of ages 54 and up and are beginning to age up their content to reach a wider audience.
With all of the abundant ideas in the world and this form of media that is finally becoming easily accessible and almost a standard in life because of apps on smartphones or tablets that allow access to this and even some phones coming pre-downloaded with it, it’s a new form of easy entertainment for all consumers.
Another perk about this audio medium is that radio shows are now accessible through podcasts after their original airtime has passed. The best aspect about this is that most are assessable for free. Downloading, subscriptions and the podcasts itself enable listeners to indulge in broadcasts over and over again.
From religious talks or sermons, educational talks and debates, sports broadcasts and general entertainment, podcasts are a great way to be entertained or explore genres while on the go or getting things done. There is a broadcast for every subject imaginable. Podcasts are easily accessible and are a rapidly growing market of entertainment that is projected to gain even more listeners in the coming year. Join the trend and enjoy a old, yet “new” form of entertainment.