Money killed chivalry


dollar stacks

Raising prices makes romance difficult

By Cameron Gwinn, Staff Writer

Everyone by now has noticed the major increase in prices for just about everything.

You need a stack of cash just to take your date to the movies today. (Image from

One example in particular is movie tickets. After having a conversation with a friend’s great aunt and uncle, I was able to hear some great stories about how times were in the 50s and 60s.
“Back when we were younger, a dollar meant we could go to the movies and get ice cream after,” recalled the great aunt.
Now I know one is probably thinking “she’s exaggerating” or “there’s no way,” but she’s not the only one who has told me that. My 75-year-old grandma agreed with that statement. She added that a gallon of gas was about 15 cents and that, “if my boyfriend at the time couldn’t think of anything to do” (this would have been closer to mid 1960s) “we would go drive around.”
Even in the 90s it seemed finding gas on the cheap end wasn’t hard.
“I remember when gas was only a dollar a gallon, so five bucks would get me a half a tank,” my mom explained to me.
Gas has gone up dramatically since then, even if in January 2017 it didn’t top $2.20 it has been upward of $4.50 at some times. A dollar would get enough to start a car and maybe go a mile. Maybe.
Looking at the numbers, today a dollar and some change will give one the ability to share a dollar menu cheeseburger with their sweetheart. Movies, forget about it. When I was in Ft. Myers, Florida, I went to a Nathan’s Famous. This place was based off one of the original Coney Islands in New York. Nathan’s originally sold their chili dogs for five cents back in the 50s. A chili now at Nathan’s is just over two dollars.
It’s not only prices that are on the rise, wages are too. According to “Dollar Times,” a dollar from the 1950s has inflated to being worth 10 dollars and some change today. Still not enough to go on a movie date, or get a dinner that’s not fast food.
Minimum wage in 1950 was 75 cents an hour which today would be the same as $7.57, under the new minimum of $8.90 an hour. However, in 1956, minimum wage did jump to a dollar which today is worth $8.97 from “” In other words, the argument that we make more money today than back then is false.
I want to make this clear that this isn’t an argument trying to give guys a reason to not take women out on dates by any means. I can’t speak for all men, but I know many of us would still like to take girls out and show them off out in public. It has become harder to do that, though. It isn’t impossible by any means either, but then everyone has gas to worry about.
Going on dates should be something that happens and showing off that special someone absolutely should happen. Just make sure to do it in moderation and make the date night a big deal. Even if it’s not as often as we would like.