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“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” ends series with a bang

By Dylan Randolph, Editor-in-Chief

Rate: 3/5 Stars

Any true fan of Resident Evil should not miss out on “The Final Chapter.” (Image from

A pack of undead dogs, hordes of zombies and gigantic bat-like creatures are just some of the horrifying obstacles the film’s main character Alice (played by Milla Jovovich) faced during “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.” Fans filed into theatres on the weekend of Jan. 27, to see Alice fight for humanity’s last chance at survival throughout Paul W.S. Anderson’s adaptation of the series as the movie grossed over $5 million. Although the movie did bring an end to the over a decade long series, fans had many mixed feelings about its conclusion.
The opening scene of the movie was all too familiar. The scene started out with Alice telling the audience about the creation of the T-virus, created by Dr. James Marcus (played by Mark Simpson) in order to keep his daughter, Alicia Marcus, from suffering from her disease. However, the virus would come with a terrible side effect of turning its host into a flesh-eating monster after death. Once the Umbrella Corporation would cover up an incident where the virus leaked, control of the company would be transferred to Dr. Isaac (played by Iain Glen).
The audience would soon discover just exactly what Isaac’s intentions were when assuming control of the global enterprise. Alice would then appear crawling out of a bunker in Washington D.C. after what looks like to be a bombing. After battling a monstrous bat-like bioweapon, she would soon be created by the Red Queen (played by Ever Anderson). The Red Queen would inform Alice that there is a cure to the T-virus located at the original site of the outbreak, in the remains of Raccoon City.
From here the story would consist of Alice fighting for her life, as well as the lives of others, in order to obtain the cure to the zombie plague in addition to finding out the true cause of the outbreak.
While fans have many conflicting views on the film, there were many things the film orchestrated that worked out in their favor. For instance, the movie included certain familiar faces that many people can recognize from the video games such as Albert Wesker (played by Shawn Roberts) as well as Claire Redfield (played by Ali Larter).
Another aspect of the film that was intriguing was the fact that the final setting of the film was the same location where the series got its start, Raccoon City. Many viewers enjoyed the fact that Alice and her companions had to endure certain trials of the hive all over again, including new rooms and traps that were previously unseen.
Fans particularly enjoyed that Resident Evil stuck to it’s roots, not only by going back to the beginning but by showing just how frightening the undead are. Many people complained about the video games losing their flare because they created new monsters instead of focusing on the zombies, but in this edition, a big instrument of terror were zombies.
However, there were a lot of issues people had with final addition to the series. One big error found in the movie is a hole in the plot. At the end of “Resident Evil: Retribution” fans were left with the cliffhanger of Alice and her companions on the top of the White House in Washington D.C. surrounded by millions of zombies and other bioweapons that Umbrella had unleashed. During the movie, characters such as Redfield and the Red Queen make references to “what happened in D.C.” but no explanation ever occurs.
Another issue fans could not really get behind throughout the entire series, let alone “The Final Chapter” was the idea of cloning. Throughout the series certain characters discover that they had clones made of themselves with little to no explanation of how or why. With this plot hole being left empty, audiences were forced just to accept the situation and move on.
Overall, the movie was a perfect way to end the series. Although fans will complain that the movies never stuck to the true storyline of “Resident Evil” video games or books, they did have a very successful movie series. The abnormal storyline is something that audiences around the world have been in disagreement about for over a decade. However, any true fan of the “Resident Evil” series should not miss out on “The Final Chapter.”
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