New wave of hip-hop hits R&B


Roy Wood$ brings a new sound to today’s music

By Emily Espinoza, Campus Life Editor

With so many new rap artists trying to make their way to the big league, it can be difficult to keep track of who’s trash and who’s actually worth giving a listen. Well, a new artist is striding his way right to the top behind artist, Drake, after signing to the super-star’s major record label, OVO Sound. Canadian rapper/singer, Denzel Spencer, better known as Roy Wood$, is making sure rap fans everywhere recognize his unique, Michael Jackson inspired R&B sound.
With Roy’s EP, Exis, peaking at No. 27 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart, Roy won’t be considered underground rap for much longer. Roy Wood$ first made his mark in hometown Brampton, Ontario, Canada, where the now 20-year-old started off as a football star on his high school team.
“I had like four concussions, and I didn’t want to go through that anymore because I was getting headaches and I didn’t think my body could take it,” Roy told Vice Magazine about why he left football for music.
With football out of the way, Roy found himself filling his new abundance of free time with music through experimentation and practice. And, although he was offered a spot in the school choir, Roy turned it down, saying he had enough music surrounding him everyday.
Like many other artists coming out of rap’s new hot spot area, Toronto, Roy Wood$ brings melodic tones merged with atmospheric and ambient vibes. He keeps the R&B feel with the use of bass-heavy tracks, but Roy separates himself from others of his kind through his individual lyrics and comfortable flow. Love-inspired themes set the tone for the majority of Roy’s music, contrary to many current rappers who embody the streets.
However, Roy Wood$ isn’t completely immersed in the emotional tone, such as partner, Drake, might be known for. Roy’s romantic lyrics are often more sensual than not, like in his song “Why,” off his full album released this past July, “Waking at Dawn.” “Shawty, show me your thighs, don’t be shy, baby. Don’t ride, I’ll lotion you down.”
Roy Wood$ perfected his sound and truly proved to R&B and hip-hop fans alike that he is an artist to keep on the radar for 2017 after releasing “Nocturnal EP” at the end of last year. The EP featured other up-and-coming rappers Madeintyo and fellow OVO Sound artist, Majid Jordan.
Roy Wood$, who considers himself a singer, closely resembles colleagues Drake and Partynextdoor as the OVO team works together in putting out a steady release of music from the group as a whole. While the crew does share some similarities amongst each other, Roy Wood$ is sure to help ring in the new wave of hip-hop music that rap fans have recently seen hit the airways.
Hip-hop and R&B fans everywhere are curious to see what young, Canadian singer, Roy Wood$ can bring to the table for popular rap music. Nevertheless, Roy will be sure to leave a mark on the industry altogether.