Ways to stay motivated


Getting through the mid semester funk

By The Schoolcraft Connection Editorial Staff
Midway through the semester for many students can be great. They are in the flow of the semester and class schedule, work and school is starting to even out and things don’t seem so scary anymore. The other side to the middle of the semester that many face is the rut that starts to hit. That is the feeling of not wanting to go to class or try as hard on assignments. The burnout period that can be detrimental to grades if not overcome or be broken before finals come around. Here are four ways that this feeling can be overcome and one can get back on track to finish the semester strong.
1. Study buddy
A great way to overcome the mid semester hump is to start the buddy system, not in the manner of going to the bathroom in twos, but in a study sense. Finding others in the class to do homework with and study before tests is a great way to stay engaged in learning. The group discussions can also give one new study tips or organizational skills to taking notes. It is always great learning from peers or teaching something to others because it helps you remember it better as well as helps you understand it fully if you can explain it to others.
2. Planners
For the majority of students who see themselves as some extent of a visual learner, it is ideal to keep a log of what events or due dates one might encounter throughout the semester. Considering the majority of college students have other commitments outside of school, keeping oneself balanced and not overbooked is vital to overall performance as well as simple peace of mind. There is a large selection of planners one can choose from, ranging from dollar store value to larger planners for in-depth scheduling. Not only does keeping a planner allow one to spatially organize their life, but also the physical action of writing out an event can help one remember the event with more clarity.
3. Get more sleep
Another reason students may falter midsemester could be due to a lack of sleep. According to Brown University on brown.edu, 11 percent of students report good sleep, while 73 percent report sleep problems. Some tips on how to sleep better are avoid caffeine a few hours before bedtime, shut down electronics 30 minutes before trying to going to bed and sleep in only an hour longer on the weekend than the usual weekday wakeup time to keep your sleep cycle in a routine.
4. Positive Affirmations
The midway point of a semester is always the hardest on students, but pushing through those boring classes and the winter blahs is easy with positive affirmations. Daily reminders that “you can do this,” and “you’re capable of getting through the day,” are helpful when one is feeling down. If you aren’t sure where to start, try putting sticky notes on things you’ll see first thing in the morning, such as the fridge so you start your day off well. Another way to do this is by putting notes in a planner, notebook or textbook so it’s visible throughout the day as well. Positive reinforcements make everyone feel better and can help you to push through the blah days.
Don’t let the middle of the semester burn out get the best of you. Consider working with friends, using a planner, adjusting to get more sleep, or leaving encouraging notes as a starting point. Take advantage and stay ahead for the benefit of yourself and your grades.