Too much Tomi


Talk show host Tomi Lahren is irrelevant

By Quinn Storm, News Editor

Whenever there’s a strong, relevant female presence in mainstream media, whether it’s from the left or the right, people feel the need to attack her on her personality, appearance and how she speaks her mind. Obviously, that’s not a good way to critique anyone. Disagreeing with the way someone thinks and voicing one’s opinion on it, then trying to hurt their feelings are completely different things. That being said, Tomi Lahren’s conservative views are extremely ignorant.
Tomi Lahren is a 24-year-old talk show host from South Dakota for the conservative news and entertainment network, Blaze TV. In her earlier beginnings, she also had a show on the One America News Network called “On Point with Tomi Lahren.” That ended in August 2015 and she soon moved to Blaze TV, in Nov. 2015, with a show called “Tomi.” What’s most popular about her current show is the final segment; she does quick, three-minute segments of her “final thoughts” that essentially wrap up her show. They’ve become popular on social media for two reasons: one, they’re usually around three minutes and that’s considered a reasonable amount of time to pay attention to a video on a Facebook feed for, and two, because they’re so off the wall that they’re hard not to watch.

Tomi Lahren, the conservative host of Tomi on TheBlaze, has made waves in social media with her opinionated videos. (Image from

Lahren isn’t a “regular” conservative. Most of her thoughts that she debuts on her show are quite extreme; especially when she tries to personally attack those she disagrees with. Everyone that’s a liberal, to her, is a “snowflake.” This is her way of insulting leftists as being “weak” or “having everything handed to them.” This is seen in her video where she goes off on Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem. In this video she calls him, “a whiny, indulgent, attention seeking cry-baby.”
Now, I’m not saying one has to like everyone and I’m definitely not saying they have to agree with everyone, but I really believe one should at least try to respect everyone. There is no way that everyone is going to agree with the majority all the time, and Lahren needs to realize that. Freedom of speech is one thing, I understand that she has the right to call anyone anything she chooses and voice her opinion until she can’t anymore. However, the things she’s voicing seem less like factual opinions and more like personal attacks. As in the Kaepernick example, I understand that many conservatives disagreed with what he did, but I’ve also encountered some liberals that disagree with it too.
It’s the same the other way; conservatives and liberals are all allowed to have their own opinions on the situation. But, there’s having an opinion and then there’s being a jerk about it.
Lastly, Lahren doesn’t seem to grasp any of the things she talks about. For example, she says the Black Lives Matter movement started off with good intentions but went downhill because now it’s all about looting, rioting and fighting. This isn’t even close to what the mission statement of the movement is. One movement cannot be blamed for the actions of the individual; that’s like saying all Muslims are terrorists because of the acts of some extreme individuals (even though some people, sadly, may believe such things). I truly believe that one cannot have an opinion on something without being educated on the whole issue. Ignorance makes one look stupid, to be quite frank, especially when that opinion is being heard on almost every social media platform there is.
In general, Tomi Lahren is almost someone that could, potentially, earn some of my respect in the regard that she got a show so young. Also because she’s able to have an influence over so many people in a platform that’s extremely popular right now. Sadly, though, I lose respect for her when her ignorant comments are used in the name of speaking her opinion.