Buzz, buzz, buzz



An awareness message for buzzing bees

By Rachel Fetter, Staff Writer

Bees are a formula for life. (Image from

Sit on the porch, sipping mid-morning coffee, listening to the small buzzing in the background, look up. Look for the insect making that soothing sound, and thank them, thank those tiny bees for making the world go ‘round.
Bees are a formula for life. Their pollination keeps nature beautiful and thriving. Each bee has its own job as well. There are worker bees, queen bees and drones. People don’t typically understand just how important these buzzing friends truly are for the ecosystem and economy, it is a bit depressing how quickly people are so quick to judge them as bad guys. The select few who understand bees need to make their mark and change the minds of people who are afraid of these adorable insects, by working together to save this depleting species.
Over the years, there has been a huge decline in the little buzzers. People are not caring enough to do something about it. When people find swarms or hives on their property they spray it with killer and go on about their day, this is a terrible practice especially because the bees mean no harm. Stop killing the bees, and let them thrive. Without bees, flower and vegetable gardens would begin to die. Not only do bees do amazing things in regards to pollination, they produce nutritious materials both humans and animals love.
Their honey contains properties used in food preparation, as a natural preservative, and as beauty agents. Honey is one of the most wonderful natural sweeteners, it can be put on biscuits, toast, fruits and vegetables, in coffee and tea, the possibilities are endless-as long as the bees are still here. Companies have honey-based shampoo and conditioner because it helps keep hair hydrated and works very well with blonde locks. Honey based chap-stick keeps lips hydrated and plumped and having honey in lotions/salves rehydrates dry skin and helps in healing small abrasions.
If bees go extinct, not only will humans begin to suffer but also will the economy. Bees pollinate crops, making it possible to go to grocery stores to pick up great produce. So, what can be done to save them?
Saving the bees becomes quite simple once their effects on the planet are understood. A few tips to keeping these creatures safe: First, if there so happens to be a hive or swarm nearby property do not kill it, call a beekeeper, most cities have at least one (if not, one is nearby and will be more than happy to pick it up) they will relocate the swarm to a safe home.
Next, do not be scared, bees can sense tension, so stay calm and act normal and they will leave one be. They can sense love, the more love, the less they feel threatened and are less likely to sting. Also, stop spraying pesticides on gardens. There are natural alternatives to keep the pests away.
Start keeping bees.
The benefit of being a beekeeper includes selling honey/honeycombs, give honey to the homeless and neighbors, as gifts and more. It is easy to learn how to keep bees, produce food from it, save money and help others if the time is taken to learn the process.
Fortunately, bees can be saved if people work together to save them. Humans can prevent them from being killed and the rest will come naturally. It is not about getting involved in a bee’s job, it’s about making their jobs easier instead of dangerous. Spread knowledge about bees. Love the bees, watch them buzz from flower to flower. Save the bees, and the bees will save the world.