Benihana inspired fried rice


Best part of a Hibachi dinner at home

Compiled by Ken Narita, Staff Writer

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Many people enjoy having a Hibachi dinner from time to time. For most the best part of this dinner isn’t the entrée, it’s the side dish served with every meal, fried rice. One of the main sources of flavor for the fried rice comes from garlic butter. This recipe will go through the steps of preparing both garlic butter and the fried rice.
2 cups of rice
3-4 ounces of chicken, cubed
3 eggs
Half a onion, diced
2 carrots, diced
A bunch of green onion, sliced thin
2-4 table spoons soy sauce
Garlic butter
To start making the garlic butter, start off with a warm stick of butter. Then take a few cloves of garlic and mince or push through a garlic press and add to the butter. Italian seasoning and paprika can be mixed in as well for additional flavor. Mix thoroughly and then put it in the refrigerator to harden.
To make the fried rice, start off by adding some oil to a pan and bring it up to a medium high heat. Add the chicken and sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. Once the chicken is almost done cooking add a scoop of the garlic butter and coat the cubes of chicken. Take the chicken out of the pan once done cooking and clean out the pan.
For the second step, add oil to the pan and let it come up to a high heat. Then add the onion and the carrots. An easy way to dice onions is first cut the onions into fourths. While the onion is on one of the flat sides cut lines going down without cutting all the way through the top. Flip the onion on the other flat side and cut similar lines going down. Then turn it sideways and cut all the way through resulting in a perfectly diced onion. While the vegetables are cooking add some of the garlic butter for flavor.
When the vegetables become soft, turn the heat down to medium. Crack the eggs into the pan and mix as if cooking scrambled eggs. Once the eggs are cooked add in the pre-cooked rice, the chicken, soy sauce and some more garlic butter. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly and cook for a few more minutes. Take off heat and serve as either an entrée or a side dish.
The outcome should be about 4 servings of delicious Benihana style fried rice. This recipe is fairly simple and takes about 45 minutes to prepare. It is very hard to come out with something that doesn’t taste great no matter the amount of previous experience in the kitchen. How much garlic butter or soy sauce used in the recipe really depends on personal preference.
Keep in mind cooking is meant to be interactive and fun. For the first time it might be easier to follow the recipe strictly but once comfortable with the process be creative. It’s fun to try new flavors and ingredients based on personal preference. After all everybody’s got different taste buds so why be restricted by a recipe.
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