“This is Our Town”


We the Kings rocks the “D”

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor

Originally the band We the Kings are from Bradenton, Florida. Their song “This is Our Town” is about the feeling they get every time they come home to this town, but on the night of March 4 at the Shelter in Detroit, Michigan, We the Kings made the “D” their town. The band is currently touring on their ten-year anniversary of their debut album tour called “WTK10.”
“I was pleasantly surprised by the opening bands. I have heard Cute is What We Aim For before and they were better than I expected live. I definitely am a fan of Astro Lasso and Plaid Brixx now and hope to see more shows with them in the future. I came for We the Kings, but left as a fan of all the bands. It feels amazing spending a night, listening to great bands and having a good time,” said 20-year-old Claire Rish of Livonia.
This was not just any ordinary We the Kings show, though. It had a hard-hitting line up for opening bands that truly made for an amazing experience. The evening started promptly at 6 p.m. when Astro Lasso took the stage. The band was very inspiring with a pop punk vibe that drew the crowd in. They offered a simplistic style to their music that was refreshing.
Next up was Plaid Brixx. On their first national tour they offered an incredibly energetic show. It was like watching a little kid bouncing off the walls. Featuring high energy and a loud sound, the band kept the audience bouncing. They even threw in some theatrical tricks such as handstands and jumps from amps to give a powerhouse performance.
The last band to perform before the stars of the night graced the stage was Cute is What We Aim For. This rock band also saw its 10th anniversary tour stop in Detroit last year and were honored to preform with We the Kings on their own anniversary ride.
With a humbling and loud performance that left the walls shaking, this is a band that certainly should not be forgotten. All of the openers left the fans wanting more and pumped up to sing and dance the night away when the main band took the stage.
“My friend and I had never even heard of We the Kings or any of these bands. We won the tickets on the 96.3 WDIV and decided to come. They are amazing though and I am really enjoying all of the bands. It is a really high-energy show which I was surprised about, I was not expecting it to be so much fun. All of the bands are extremely talented and it made for a great night out,” said 43 year old, Northville resident Diane Lucas.
We the Kings performed all 11 tracks from their debut album “We the Kings.” This is the first time their track has been performed in its entirety in concert. With several fan favorite songs thrown into the mix such as “Just Keep Breathing,” “Sad Song,” and “Say You Like Me” that aren’t on this album the crowd was left craving more after the hour and a half set. The band opened with one of their most popular tracks off their album “Check Yes Juliet” and ended with this song as well due to the fans wanted to hear it again.
“It was immensely exciting show. I have been waiting for this for months and this band never disappoints. This is my third time seeing them and I was especially excited for this concert because it is the anniversary tour. Cute is What We Aim for is also another one of my favorites. For them to be touring together again was amazing. All the bands had such high energy and were so excited that you couldn’t help but move and dance even if you didn’t know the songs,” said 22 year old, Alexandria Lexis from Plymouth.
The sold-out show left the Shelter packed wall to wall. With fans jumping, bobbing and screaming their heads off trying to get as close to the stage as possible or to get a chance to shake one of the artists’ hands it was a sight to see.
The bands themselves even said it is one of their favorite cities to perform in because of the energy and crowds that make them feel like they are at home every show. With heartfelt commentary, funny jokes and stories to lead the explanations for songs or just the simple struggle for words, the audience and artist alike were left entertained and energized all in one. It was a sight that left a smile on every face in the room.
Photos by Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor