More than meets the eye


Netflix series “Stranger Things” takes the world by storm

By Dylan Randolph, Editor-in-Chief

Rating: 5/5

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“Stranger Things” uses many elements in the 80’s pop culture to relate to their fans.

The 1980s were a time for rubix cubes, music television and Pac-man, which entertained families all across the country. As television evolved over the years media would see a change from sitcoms like “Full House” into much more graphic series like “The Walking Dead.” Although much of 80s culture has disappeared, an up and coming Netflix series has revived the culture with its fan favorite show “Stranger Things.”
“Stranger Things” is a show created by the Duffer brothers that tells the story of four friends who encounter a bizarre string of events after a character named Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) stumbles upon the boys. The show begins with the four boys in Mike Wheeler’s (played by Finn Wolfhard) basement playing a role playing game known as Dungeons and Dragons. At the end of the exciting game, Mike’s friend Will Byers (played by Noah Schnapp) and the others leave Mike’s house to get home before a storm hits.
However, on his way home Will would vanish sending the whole town on a witch-hunt to figure out what happened to him.
Hours after Will’s disappearance Mike, Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas Sinclair (played by Caleb McLaughlin) would run into Eleven out in the woods as they looked for their friend. The boy’s discovery of the young girl would precede an alarming amount of unsettling events that would soon occur in the small town.
Since its original release on July 15, 2016, the show has taken the world by storm.
Thousands, if not millions of fans have watched the series on Netflix to tune in to see what happens in the search for Will Byers. The show uses many elements in 80s pop culture to relate to their fans whether it is the cars that the characters drive, some of the slang that the children use or the music that Jonathan Byers (played by Charlie Heaton) listens to. Viewers are overcome with a sense of nostalgia as the show reflects on what life would have been like back in the 80s.
Another aspect that draws the audience in is the unpredictability of the story. As the town searches for the missing boy, many storylines branch off causing the viewer to focus on something other than the possible impending doom of young Byers. For instance, a story that develops is the romance between Nancy Wheeler (played by Natalia Dyer) and the cool kid in school Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery) or the secret government agency stationed just outside of the town where alien-like creatures may be originating. It is clear that viewers would not be bored with the series, as there is always something new around each corner.
On Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 6, 2017, audiences were introduced to a teaser of the upcoming season when the original “Eggo Waffles” commercial aired, only to be interrupted by what looked to be a gigantic alien overlooking the small town where the boys live. The ad introduced the release date of the second season, which will take place on Halloween of 2017. “Stranger Things” is an addiction for any sci-fi/horror fan out there. If one is interested in watching the show, it can be found on Netflix year-round.