Making strides


Livonia based band “As We Divide” heating up the music scene

By Ken Narita, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The young Livonia based band, “As We Divide” have been hard at work since day one. Only being together for little over a year, they have already performed at the Warp Tour and opened for “We Came as Romans.” The band consist of vocalist Robbie Hunt, guitarists John Murphy, Tedd Turnwald, and Jake Danke, who also plays piano and controls synth, drummer Zach Paryaski and bassist Robert Thompson. The band has a four song EP released and is currently in the works of a full-length album.
The upcoming full-length album is yet to be named but can be expected to be released later this year.
“What’s inspired us to write this album is the addition of John and wanting to get better and better with each song,” said Hunt.
In an interview with Robbie Hunt and John Murphy, they explained why they make music together. The band is nothing more than a bunch of friends that love to make music. After spending the last two weeks together in the studio Murphy said, “I already miss everybody, I’m happy I get to work with them.”
“The music has changed a lot since our first EP,” said Hunt, when asked about the content on the upcoming album. “We talk about everything from losing friendships because of conflicts and suicide, gaining friendship along the way, and a few songs just discuss our passion about what we do.”
Hunt and Murphy struggled to place their music in any genre. This is partially due to the diversity of interest in music between the members. Influences of music range from punk like “Sum 41” or “Rise Against” to more heavy music like “Slipknot.” If needed to place a label on their music they would call it post hardcore.
The band’s accomplishments are not limited to the shows they have played. Recently the band has signed with Eternally Nocturnal for their management. Eternally Nocturnal started out as a clothing company that later branched out and began sponsoring and managing bands. As We Divide is the first and only band that is managed by Eternally Nocturnal, but the company sponsors a few other bands as well. Hunt would consider the biggest accomplishment being, “that we are still together.”
Murphy was first introduced to playing guitar when a guitar was handed down to him from his family at the age of six. “My uncle looked at me and told me ‘You should probably stop. This is awful.’ And as a angst six-year-old I remember I’m going to keep playing and get better than you one day,” said Murphy. “Unfortunately, He died before I really got a chance to play with him. But the cool thing is he has inspired me to keep pushing myself.”
As We Divide is yet to be signed to a label but hopes to begin “label shopping” within the next year. Other hopes for the future include going on tour and getting their music out further than the metro Detroit area. Ease the Pain, a single that will be on the upcoming album, has over two thousand hits on YouTube and has been played on the alternative rock radio station 89X.
The new single from the group “Ease the pain” can be found at the group’s page on Facebook or on Youtube. It has accumulated over 2,400 views on Youtube since its debut last October. The previously released four-song EP can be found at
The very young As We Divide has been making moves. The talented members of the band have a genuine passion for music. With already a dedicated fan base the group is sure to only gain popularity with the release of their first full-length album.

This is a Livonia-based up-and-coming band ready to make their grand debut. (Images from