Erase extinction


Endangered species should be preserved

By Quinn Storm, News Editor

People from across the world should work together to ensure that endangered species can be preserved; losing an animal or plant species affects whole ecosystems, not just that one animal. (Image from

In 2012, the International Union for Conservation of Nature reported that 3,079 animals and 2,655 plant species are endangered.
Although many nations have laws against intentionally hunting animals or destroying environments, poachers and rebels somehow find ways to get what they want. Many times, as in the case of the Eastern Lowland Gorilla in the Democratic Republic of Congo, animals are subject to poaching even in national parks that are seemingly protective of the creatures that live there.
Even though parks and sanctuaries may be closed off, people still invade the private land and set up illegal mines. Organizations, such as the World Wildlife Organizations, work with nations everywhere to set up safe spaces to preserve nature so that we do not lose any more species.
Every plant and animal is imperative to the ecosystem that they are in. If an ecosystem contains grass, rabbits and eagles then the food chain provides each with what they need. The sun feeds the grass, which feed the rabbit, which feeds the eagle. But, if rabbits were to go extinct then the grass would overgrow, because nothing is eating it, and the eagles would starve to death. One decrease in population can impact whole other populations for a very long time, until all else in the ecosystem either adapts or dies off, too.
There is a large list of animal species that are endangered. But, this list contains animals that are not only critically endangered, but also ones who are vulnerable to and threatened by endangerment.
An example of an animal on the endangered list is the Siberian tiger. The Siberian tiger is a tiger subspecies. Unfortunately, three other tiger subspecies are already extinct. If the world doesn’t protect animals, both on and off the list of endangerment, species everywhere are going to die out and we will never be able to get those animals back.
Some examples of animals that are already extinct include: the California grizzly bear, Caspian tiger and dodo. Animals that are extinct in the wild (this means, they do not survive outside of captivity) include: the Hawaiian crow, the Barbary lion and the Wyoming toad. Some animals on the endangered list include the Asian elephant, Tasmanian devil, giant otter and common chimpanzee.
There are obviously many other animals on these lists, as well as lists of animals that are vulnerable and near endangered. There is also a list of animals that are least threatened. But, the world should work to preserve those animals that are least threatened just as they would preserve threatened animals so that the list of endangered species do not continue to grow any more.
Each person can do something small to help preserve species. For example, not poaching is a very clear example, as it is both morally wrong and illegal. Also, only hunting specific animals during the specific hunting seasons helps to control animal population. Giving money to charities isn’t the only way to help–though it is a great thing to do to preserve today’s world ecosystems.
Right now, people should work hard to ensure that the world is preserved for future generations; we don’t want to pass a lesser world onto our children, we want to improve what we have for them.