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Easy makeup looks for Summer

By Elizabeth Casella, Managing Editor & Tessa Valentini, Staff Writer

Glossy, shimmery and even some matte colors are all in store for the summer beauty line. Whether one likes the minimal look or wants a bit of a feistier and edgy style there is a new and improved makeup style calling out. Don’t ignore it this year, because trends come and go, but being oneself never goes out of style. So have some fun, change it up and embrace another new season of sun.

Beautiful blues

Some shy away from bright colors, especially a bright blue or aquamarine tone. This summer is the year to embrace these bright, light blues to give a lighter tone to a look. This looks especially stunning on a darker brown eye or hazel.
Starting with a light white or cream toward the crease of the eye and then do a slightly light brown on the top layer closer to the brown before adding the bright blue to the main part of the eyelid. Blend it all together and finish it off with a thin black winged eye and dark black mascara for eyes that will shine.

Moody magenta

A purple, dark pink and magenta blend can make a very vibrant, but mysterious look. This works especially well for girls with green or hazel eyes. The magenta tones and like green area right by the crease of the eye really brings out the beautiful green tones to ones eyes. This eye is a bit of a statement so a subtle eyeliner line in a black tone or a very dark brown works well paired with a matte lip. This also works best with non-high glitter or matte eye shadow options that way it looks classy.

Big brown eyes

A dark colored eye shadow can never go wrong. For girls with brown eyes this will help their eyes to make a statement. Taking an eye catching purple and applying it to the outside while a little bronze eye shadow is placed in the middle of the eyelid, this will create a unique look. Adding some black eyeliner with a little wing at the end and some mascara will put the finishing touches on this amazing look. A purple or dark red lip can finish this off elegantly as well.

Pretty in pink

Light pink pastels are the epitome of summer make up and fashion. This is a look that adjusts great from day to night or from spring to summer weather. No one knows what the state of Michigan will bring weather wise, so this can be a versatile option for whatever Michigan throws our way. Again starting with a lighter tone of white or very baby pink on the inner eye, with a darker pink shade on the top under the brow line and on the outer lid it blends to a nice light pink in the middle. This style can be accented with hard black or brown winged eyeliner and brightens up any eye color.

Add a little color

Darker colors are great for a night out. Mixing a dark brown eye shadow with a medium pink and a touch of gold will give the perfect sparkly eye look. Using even a dark plum or charcoal mixed with a lighter gray and white can be a wonderful option to. This can offer a more metallic look.
For a forest look, using the gold and brown with a dark forest green or hazel tone can blend well too. Using eyeliner and creating a wing just off the eyelid will finish off this fierce look. Add a little mascara and a medium pink lip-gloss and it’s time to paint the town.

Eye Popping

look66 copy
Lightly colored eyes are easy to make look gorgeous with some lighter colored eye shadows mixed with a medium dark one. Layering three colors together that gradually get darker from the outside of the eye in and set on the right place on the eye lid will help to create a subtler twist on a smokey eye. Use a little eyeliner and mascara to add the finishing touches. A vibrant lip that matches one of the tones from the eyes can complete this look for a full on face.
Photos by Hanna Olson, Layout Editor