Experience immersion


The best of Virtual Reality gaming

By Ken Narita, Arts & Entertainment Editor

People can now be fully immersed in their favorite video game or fantasy lands with virtual reality headsets. (Image from Youtube.com)

Virtual reality (VR) has many possible uses — movies, news and education, to name a few. The most obvious use for VR is gaming and the purpose of both game and VR is to totally immerse the subject.
Consumer use of VR headsets are still fairly new. The Oculus Rift, first consumer oriented VR headset, only became available March of last year. Since then, Sony released the first headset for a gaming console. More recently, HTC, with the help of Valve, produced the Vive. The Xbox Project Scorpio, when released, will allow Xbox players to also partake in the VR experience.
With all the new headsets, available games to accompany them have also been produced. Here’s a short list of some of the best games in virtual reality.
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
The Residents Evil series is infamous for being one of the scariest games on the market since its debut in 1996, and Residents Evil 7 is no exception. Playing as Ethan Baker, the purpose is to survive in the Baker family house. Players must explore to find items and solve puzzles. Unlike previous RE games that had action, this installment focuses on surviving the horror, not fighting it. The survival horror game immerses the player like never before with its compatibility with the Playstation VR
Job Simulator
This might seem like an odd choice for a game, but truthfully there might not be a better subject to make a game for. Players choose between working as a chef, office worker, store clerk or a mechanic. Tasks of these jobs are made very simple: the true point of the game is to do all the things that would be unacceptable in real life. Silly actions like throwing a stapler across the office and hitting a co-worker can be experienced. Want to squirt ketchup all over the kitchen? Well now it can be a reality without facing any repercussions in Job Simulator. This award-winning video game will be a staple in VR game inventory for years to come.
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Most VR headsets alone carry a price tag of $500. It is very unlikely most households will ever buy more than one for the family. This means most games will not be able to be played in local multiplayer. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a perfect example of how VR gaming can still be a group activity. In this game a group is split up between the one with the headset on and the others. The person with the headset and only that person will be able to see a bomb. Each bomb will have multiple puzzles. The others job in this game is to tell the headset wearer how to solve each puzzle they run into. Communication is key in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. This game is revolutionary in the way consumers play video games.
This is just a short list of games available to VR. As more time goes on and headsets become more common household product, titles produced will increase as well. VR gaming is innovating how games are played. The immersion of the VR systems allows a more complete experience to take place then ever possible before.