The Schoolcraft Connection’s mission in bringing you news

By The Editorial Staff

To the Schoolcraft College Community and all readers, we thank you for delving into our award-winning newspaper, The Schoolcraft Connection. In a time where media is plagued by extreme bias, The Connection is wholeheartedly committed to publishing objective news and information. The Connection has made it our mission to represent various points of view across our print and online media and always welcome your take on a topic we may not have covered.
The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects man’s inherent right to speak and express himself, free from the shackles of censorship. In all aspects, we vow to deliver even the hardest news without unnecessary sanitation. We are committed to factual information and warmly welcome letters to the editor if there are any discrepancies in our content, if our information is incorrect to some varying degree or even simply to share an opposing viewpoint.
As Volume 31 will be published bimonthly with the exception of the college’s breaks, we encourage our readers to engage in intelligent and meaningful conversation regarding each topic we present and welcome any input as to what you’d like to read in future issues. We would love to have your feedback on what you are looking for from your news sources.
One way that you can join the conversation is by reaching out on our Facebook page; respond to the links to the online articles, contact us on Facebook messenger, or email [email protected] Your opinion matters—let it be heard.
Nor are you limited to letters to the editor or posts on Facebook; The Connection is always hiring writers, designers, photographers and even cartoonists who work on a free-lance basis. You can work around your schedule and cover what interests you. If you’re interested in an editor or staff position, please contact the Student Activities Office at 734-462-4422 or stop by and fill out an application.
Our 2017-2018 editors have made it our duty to bring you the news with courage and integrity and it is our honor to help your voices be heard as well, whether in print or online. From all of us, we hope that you stay connected.