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Free online career assessment tool helps illuminate career path

By Christian Hollis News Editor

Career Coach Snip
Career Coach is an online-tool, easy to use and availible to anyone in the community, not just to students. Users can explore independently or make a free appointment with career services for assistance in discovering all the information that Career Coach has to offer. “Image from https://schoolcraft.emsicc.com”

Explore. Prepare. Find. These three words can be used to describe the newly launched online career assessment tool through Schoolcraft’s Career Services department.
This online service named “Career Coach,” is powered by Emsi, to help students and community members who are struggling to find the career that suits them best. In an effort to better inform the Connection readers, The Connection sat down with Student Employment Specialist JoAnne Stadnicar from the Career Services department to learn more about what “Career Coach” is and who it is for.
SC: “For many people who may not know, what is Career Coach?”
JS: Career Coach is not a person— it’s a free online tool that students and community members can use to explore, prepare for and find the right career. The Career Coach assessment tool identifies areas of interests and matches those to potential career areas. Career Coach also offers the opportunity for system users to research various jobs and careers.
Users can then view key information about training/education, employment prospects and wage information for careers that match their results. So, in summary, Career Coach is a powerful resource for gathering information about careers and mapping an educational pathway, including programs offered at Schoolcraft College, to help users achieve their career goals.”
SC: “Who would you personally advise to use Career Coach? General Education students? Freshmen? People having doubts about their major?”
JS: “Yes, to all of the above—and anyone else who wants career and educational guidance. I always recommend that students make an appointment with a counselor or advisor at Schoolcraft to discuss their Career Coach results or for help getting started. Students and community members can also call our office to make an appointment with Career Services staff to discuss how Career Coach can help.”
SC: “What is the overall goal with this program?”
JS: “The overall goal of this program is to empower students and community members with real-time, factual information to create a workable plan leading to their career goals. This program has also been customized to show students and community members which Schoolcraft College programs can lead them to a wide variety of careers.”
SC: “How many questions are on your assessments?”
JS: “There is both a six-question and also a sixty-question assessment. I recommend that students take both assessments to compare the results.”
SC: “What days can students schedule to meet with a career coach?”
JS: “Since Career Coach is an online tool (www.schoolcraft.edu/careers), no appointment is necessary. However, I do recommend that students contact the Counseling or Advising Center to review their Career Coach Assessment results or to discuss the career and education options outlined in Career Coach.”
SC: “How long does it take to do these online assessments?”
JS: “The six-question assessment should take 5–10 minutes and the 60 question assessment takes about 15–20 minutes to complete.”
SC: “How do these assessments work? In other words, how do they take your answers and link to a specific career?”
JS: “Career Coach ‘scores’ the assessments into personality and interest traits and then matches those to different career clusters. Students can then select a career cluster of interest with specific career options that provide more detailed information about that specific career.”
SC: “How does this help students on their paths to their careers?”
Atticus Laird, Business Administration major, taking the Career Coach six question assessment to see how his interests line up with potential careers. “Photo by Christian Hollis, News Editor.”

JS: “Career Coach is like a map—you can’t reach a destination unless you know where you’re going. Career Coach can help users uncover their destination and then help them to develop a realistic road map to get there. It can also help students who are undecided about a college major or career discover their options. It’s a fun, easy-to-use program that also links almost any career with programs we offer at Schoolcraft College.