Favorite fall frivolity


Fun fall activities to look forward to as the weather grows cooler

Compiled By The Connection Editor Staff

To our readers, we would like to extend autumn greetings. Below, the editorial staff have shared our favorite pastimes that are exclusive to this colorful and embracing season. From all of us at The Connection, we wish you a bountiful and joyous autumn.
Autumn is the time of year to prepare for winter while enjoying the beauty of nature’s grandest, evanescent show before she sleeps beneath an eventual white blanket of snow. The months of September through November are not nearly long enough to enjoy the world in this stage of its seasonal life, as there is so much to do and so much to see before the first snows fall.
One of the most cherished ways of spending a chilly day in October is huddled witfriends and loved ones around a roaring bonfire enjoying nature’s graceful painting of the rich colors in each changed leaf. These sessions tend to drag into the darkening hours that pursue the setting sun as we become blissfully lost in the glorious display around us and in the conversations and laughter over warm drinks and soft music.
This is one of the beloved times of year. Whether it’s sitting on the couch with a mug of warm tea or braving the chill to go to a corn maze with friends. From a shutterbugs perspective, one of the best aspects of the season have to be getting a camera out and capturing all of the colors that the trees produce as winter approaches.
The way that the light hits the trees in the early morning on the Rouge River is just picturesque and the only way to remember the beauty is with a camera to capture the reflection on the clear smooth surface.
Pictures can even be shared with friends and family from around the world who may not be able to enjoy such views. It is easy to become lost in thoughts about how beautifully this world was created. Nature and photography are one of the best ways to go in the fall.
With fall also comes the pleasure of celebrating Halloween. It is great getting together with friends in costume, spending the night wandering brightly lit neighborhoods with others. It is quite frowned upon to trick-or-treat beyond the age of 18, but it’s still a joy to hand out candy or create a haunted attraction to thrill children on the holiday.
When the air is crisp, the sky is blue amid the colorful leaves, and the sun is shining, picking apples with loved ones is always an experience to value. After dragging a bushel of apples back from the orchards, nothing is better than sitting at a picnic table sampling fresh cider and warm cinnamon donuts.
Then, with a veritable bounty of apples for tasting parties, baking, homemade applesauce, fresh smoothies, or just to munch on, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor all year long.
Fall is also typically an optimal time for the release of brand-new video games and movies that come with it. There is nothing quite like playing the brand-new “Call of Duty” game the second it hits midnight with your best friends over Xbox Live or Playstation Network or standing in line on a cool, brisk night to enjoy the premiere of new films in fall.
Featured image from pixabay.com.