Ocelot Opinions

Ocelot Opinions

Who do you think is your celebrity look-alike and why?

Interviews by Anthony Plescia/Photos by Harshang Patel Staff Writer & Staff Photographer


J.C. Odom
Major: Pharmacy
“People say I look like Adam Levine because of the way my face looks.”


Harshen Sompura

Major: Accounting
“I feel like I’m like Varun Dhavan. He’s an Indian Bollywood actor. I have the same hairstyle as him and I speak almost just like him.”


Michelle Noble

Major: Culinary Arts
“Melissa McCarthy, because she has brown hair and is funny like me.”


Jordan McClendon

Major: Sound Recording Technology
“I cut my hair now, but I used to look like Jimi Hendrix because I had hair like him.”


Ed Peper

Major: Computer Science
“I think I most resemble Christopher Timothy. I like the old-fashion style wardrobe, collared shirts and ties. I also love his personality of mixing a serious attitude with that of one of humor.”