Campus crime

Compiled by Alexandra Lachine Editor-in-Chief  

In case of emergency, contact the campus police authority at 734-462-4424. 
Assault, battery in Liberal Arts 
Around 10 a.m. Nov. 8, an officer was sent to Liberal Arts for an assault and battery report. Upon speaking with the victim, student A, the officer learned that student A was presenting a mock trial. After the presentation, student B asked A if he may sit next to him, to which A politely refused. Student B moved next to A anyway, then struck him in the face with an open hand. Student A told the officer that he stood up and asked B why he did that, to which he replied “because you falsified the evidence.” 
The instructor, C, claims to have not witnessed the incident except the commotion after, for which the students were escorted to separate rooms within Liberal Arts.  
Once the responding officer arrived, student A had a visible red mark on his face from the slap. A was instructed to wait while the officer spoke to student B individually, who fled to the McDowell Center. Another officer noticed B walking there while en route to the scene, and recognized the student from a previous, unrelated incident.  
Both officers spoke with student B outside the registration office within McDowell, though he was initially uncooperative and began to cry while demanding a lawyer. Once B calmed down, he admitted to the assault on student A then requested to speak with a counselor.  
A clean, consented search was performed on student B before he was escorted to speak with Associate Dean of Enrollment and Student Relations concerning the incident. The Dean agreed to speak with B while the first responding officer waited outside his office, and informed him that he was not allowed to return to campus until further notice. B contacted his mother and left campus without further incident.  
The second responding officer returned to Liberal Arts to obtain a written statement from student A as well as provide him with a CVR card. Student A does not wish to press charges at this time.