Holiday tradition joys

Our favorite ways to spend the holiday season

Compiled by The Connection Editorial Staff

This time of year is typically one of great joy, as many holidays are celebrated across many different cultures from now through the New Year.
We at The Connection would like to share some of our most cherished seasonal traditions with you, dear reader, and encourage you to do the same by interacting with us and staying connected on social media.
From all of us at The Connection, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a prolific new year.
Christmas Eve Mass, Nanna’s house
While this topic is challenging to narrow down to just one tradition, one of my most beloved of many is attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve then celebrating the early hours of Christmas at my Nanna’s house afterward. Having my family together at this time has always made an impact on me in the holiday season, as the joys of celebration are at no shortage on Christmas Eve in the church.
Once mass ends, my Nanna prepares a plentiful spread of traditional Maltese pastries and dishes for our family to enjoy before leaving to retire for bed to continue celebrating the holiday in the company of each other in hours later.
Playing Santa
There are so many things that I love about this holiday season and the festivities that accompany it, but one activity is particularly fulfilling and fun—adopting a family for Christmas.
I already love gift-shopping, and thinking about what a difference it will make to a family makes the experience that much more warm and fuzzy. Finding the best gifts, a mixture of what they need and what they want, stretching my budget as far as I can go, and then wrapping the items with care while listening to Christmas carols puts joy in my world.
When friends and family are participating, too, the merriment multiplies, and one hardly needs the radio to hear angels singing about peace on earth and goodwill toward men.
Holiday Shopping with a young child
The spirit of giving is important for the Christmas season, and we like to share that with our niece. We take her to the dollar store and let her pick out anything there as gifts for all the people in her life.
She enjoys the act of picking out the gifts and spends plenty of time thinking about what to choose. We also have her pick out all the wrapping paper, bows and tags for the presents, as well as lightly assist in wrapping the gifts and writing all the names on the tags.
Of course, we guide her a bit with the decision making,
but each year, everyone ends up enjoying their gift from her whether it is silly or heartwarming.