Toys beneath every tree

By Alexandra Lachine Editor-in-Chief

With just three short weeks until Christmas, Project Playhem has also been dedicated to the cause of generosity. For the fourth consecutive year, the gaming gurus have partnered with the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program to collect toys for children who need them.
Project Playhem will be collecting new, unwrapped toys until Dec. 11, in various locations all across camps, including the Forum, Biomedical Tech, Student Activities and the Bookstore. Project Playhem chose to sponsor a Toys for Tots collection after working with Children’s Miracle Network back in 2011.
“I took it upon myself and thought that we could do something new,” explained student Kyle Smith, president of Project Playhem. “I know a lot of kids can’t get presents every year, so it would be nice to give back and give them something to have under the tree each year. I don’t like to see kids not have anything because I came from a household having a lot of stuff. I think it’s fair for the ones that can’t buy things for their kids.
These noble efforts to collect toys have grown significantly over the years here at the college.“It was a struggle start at first,” explained Smith. “Over the years,