Why President Trump should reconsider Jerusalem


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The US shouldn’t side strongly with either Israel or Palestine

By Adam Nowak News Editor

(Image from cityam.com)

United States President Donald Trump ordered the state department to begin the transition of moving the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Dec. 6, 2017.
Israel is a small country the size of New Jersey. It became a sovereign nation in 1948, after the United Nations Partition Plan. The plan divided the land known today as Israel into two states: Israel and Palestine, with the Israelis controlling the government.
Over the past several decades, the Israeli government has ruthlessly pushed Palestine into possessing less and less land. The Palestinian populations reside in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, both of which take up small portions of the state of Israel.
The sizes of both Palestinian-controlled regions have depleted due to the Israeli government’s push to take over more territory. The Israeli army has repeatedly terrorized Palestinian civilians by arresting large amounts of people at a time, as well as bomb raids that demoralize the Palestinian community.
According to an article by Human Rights Watch, “In the same period, Israeli forces killed 8 people in Gaza during demonstrations at the border fence, and injured at least 188. The Israeli authorities have declared an area inside Gaza but near the border with Israel to be a ‘no-go’ zone, and Israeli soldiers fire at people who enter it.”
The government has built Israeli settlements right through Palestinian territories, causing the Palestinian people, along with many other Sunni-Muslim countries surrounding it, to despise Israel. The continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip has caused terror groups such as Hamas to rise up.
The word “Hamas” is an acronym and translated to English means Islamic Resistance Movement. It is a terrorist organization that started due to the Israeli government’s state-sponsored terrorism against the Palestinians.
Hamas’ reign of terror includes killing Israeli troops, which causes government backlash to terrorize the entire Arab community. It’s a never-ending battle.
The U.N. has repeatedly urged the Israeli government to halt the building of settlements in the Gaza Strip and West Bank; however, Israel shows no indication of listening to the U.N.
Jerusalem is renowned for its holy roots in the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions, and has been a highly contested area for thousands of years. After the United Nations Partition Plan, which gave government control of Israel to the Jews, the Palestinian community has been left to weather the storm of the Jewish army.
The Palestinians have holy roots in East Jerusalem and claims it as their capital, while the Jews have holy roots in the Western part of the city. Due to this conflict, countries across the globe have chosen to withhold putting their embassy in Jerusalem, instead placing them in Tel Aviv, a city located in Western Israel.
President Trump’s announcement about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is ignorant. Jews and Arabs both believe they have the right to Jerusalem, so why would it make sense to announce that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel?
That remark has sparked outrage across the entire Arab population. With the Israeli government’s ruthless tactics against the Palestinians the announcement by the president only fuels the Israeli government’s effort to take over more Palestinian neighborhoods, and it verifies the United States’ commitment to being on the side of Israel, when humanitarian crimes are being committed as we watch.