Road To Avengers: Infinity War


(Image from pinterest)

(Image from pinterest)

In preparation for the most for the largest event in the Marvel Universe Cinematic Universe, Avengers Infinity War, we invite our readers to weigh in on which MCU movie is the best.
Each week leading up to the release of Infinity War, we wil have two MCU films go head-to-head and our staff will be selecting a winner.
By the release of Infinity War. there will be only one film left standing. Then, after Infinity War is released in theaters, we will compare it to the MCU fan favorite from our “Road To Avengers: Infinity War” bracket.
We found it to be obvious to start with Cap vs. Stark, and so our first battle is between Captain America: The First Avenger and Iorn Man.
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Round One Match-Ups:
Iorn Man vs Captain America: The First Avenger
-Hulk vs Thor
Iorn Man 2 vs. Thor: Dark World
-Captain America: Winter Solider vs. Iorn Man 3
-Avengers vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron 
-Dr. Strange vs. Ant-Man
-Captain America: Civil War vs. Guardians of the Galaxy 
-Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 vs. Thor: Ragnarok
-Spider-Man: Homecoming vs. Black Panther