Ocelot Opinions


What’s your ideal Valentine’s date?

Interviews by Christian Hollis, Editor-in-Chief
Photos by Michael Rey, Staff Photographer

Caroline Surowiec
Major: Early Elementary Education
“Out to dinner for pizza, a movie and coffee. Keep it basic.”
Griffin Kirby
Major: Business
“Just dinner and a movie. Sounds good.”
Kunika Saxena
Major: Finance
“My boyfriend is in India. I just want to hang out with my boyfriend… just a casual day at home.”
Jared Golles
Major: Business
“For me personally, I like to have it more relaxed. Maybe go to a movie and dinner with a nice dessert and go back home.”
Amanda Warren
Major: Undecided
“Just chilling. Definitely hanging out with the person I love so they can shower me with gifts.”
Sam Mirkayan
Major: CGT
“I want to go somewhere romantic, like the mall, dinner. Maybe a concert, basketball game or a Red Wings game.”
Josh King
Major: Sound recording technology
“I wanna go somewhere to expand my horizons. Go to a concert, something a bit romantic where I can be able to see other people and get out of my comfort zone for once.”
Amanda Rine
Major: General Studies
“I don’t really like going anywhere on Valentine’s Day because it is so crowded. I’ve seen people break up in public on Valentine’s Day. I’m the kind of person who likes to stay home and watch movies. Just give me flowers that’s all I care about.”
Jared LaFortune
Major: Welding
“I’m pretty much a classic. I like a dinner and a movie. I like to do it in reverse though. That way if the date and I don’t have anything to talk about, we can at least talk about the movie.”