Campus Crime


Compiled by Adam Nowak, News Editor

That Smell
As a Schoolcraft College police officer was leaving the Jeffress Center, a woman pointed toward a suspicious car parked in the lot near the Jeffress Center. The officer approached the vehicle and noticed a strong odor of burning marijuana.
The officer knocked on the window, and a woman rolled it down. The officer asked for the woman’s medical marijuana card.
The woman explained that she does not possess a medical marijuana card, but her boyfriend, the owner of the vehicle, must have left his marijuana in the car and the woman’s burning cigarette ignited the marijuana.
The officer stomped out the marijuana and asserted that possession and use of marijuana on Schoolcraft College property is strictly prohibited.
Missing Mitt
Jan. 9, the Schoolcraft College baseball team was practicing in the Saint Joe’s Sports Dome. The victim mistakenly forgot his baseball glove near a soccer net and did not remember to take it home after practice.
The next day, the victim returned to retrieve his glove, but it was nowhere in sight. The victim reported the crime to Schoolcraft College Police Jan. 16.
“Borrowed Recorder”
Feb. 15, a Schoolcraft College employee reported a digital recording device missing. The
device is part of an Olympus AS2400 transcription kit and sell for $199 online.
Per the victim’s statement, someone borrowed the device until 4:58 p.m., Feb. 14. The victim, along with a witness, confirmed that the device was put in the victim’s desk drawer. However, the drawer does not lock and the device was later taken.
Several people were seen on camera entering and leaving the office.
Schoolcraft police are still investigating the incident.
In case of emergency, contact the campus police authority at 734-462-4424.