Un-news-ual News

Things that make you go, “Huh”


Horsing Around Shuts Down Nightclub
The Mokai Lounge in Miami beach was officially shut down by the city manager when he
removed the club’s business license. The consequence came when an apparent employee of the club, wearing only a bikini, rode into the Mokai Lounge on a very scared horse.
Social media showed the woman entering the club and being thrown off by the horse with the club cheering. The incident is now being investigated for violating public safety and possible animal cruelty.
Luckily, the horse is deemed safe and healthy after being checked on by Miami Dade PD.
Tooth Fairy Forgot Something 
According to ABC News, an Ohio woman ingested an unwanted biological product while eating Planters cashews. After she could feel that she was chewing on something hard, the woman found what appeared to be a tooth with dried blood on it.
The hospital confirmed her findings to be a tooth and the woman was treated for exposure to blood and bodily fluids. It is unclear where the faulty cashews were purchased.
1000 Bottles Of Beer On The Highway
A South Carolina truck driver failed to maintain his lane on Interstate 10 in the Florida Panhandle, resulting in a tractor-trailer running onto the shoulder of the road.
Luckily, the driver only sustained minor injuries, but the cargo was heavily damaged. State troopers reported 60,000 pounds of Busch beer were streaming on the highway.
Grumpy Cat In Court
A jury in California awarded internet meme “Grumpy Cat” $700,000 in a federal lawsuit over use of her identity.
Grumpy Cat’s owner Tabatha Bunsdeen and Grenade beverage company owners, Nick and Paul Sanford, struck a licensing deal with Grumpy Cat Limited to sell “Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino”.
However, the dispute came after the Grenade beverage company created a line called “Grumpy Cat Roasted Coffee” without permission from Grumpy Cat Limited, and Bunsdeen pursued legal action.