In memory of "The Golden Triangle

343 Industries must take “Halo” back to its roots

By Christian Hollis, Editor-In-Chief

“Halo” used to be known for its smooth, yet simplistic gameplay, but since Bungie introduced armor abilities in 2010s “Halo: Reach,” the series has started to lose its identity. Gameplay mechanics such as sprint and thruster packs have been implemented to speed up Halo’s gameplay, but instead they have slowed the game down. 
It is no secret to anyone that “Halo” is plateauing. According to, “Halo 3” is still the best-selling “Halo” game with over 12 million copies, compared to “Halo 5: Guardians” selling a little over 5 million copies.  
Lars Bakken, multiplayer designer of “Halo 3” said in a Bungie ViDoc, “The golden (triangle) for ‘Halo’ is weapons, grenades and melee.” Anything that takes away the ability to shoot, throw a grenade or melee hinders the game. When a player is sprinting, the player cannot perform any of the three actions. Therefore, sprint completely destroys the foundation of a true “Halo” game.  
Not only does sprint break the golden triangle, it is also a complete illusion. To compensate for the addition of sprints, multiplayer maps have been stretched out significantly. “Halo 5” remade the classic map “Midship” from “Halo 2” and renamed it as “Truth.” In “Halo 2” it takes 7.53 seconds to get from the back of red base to carbine on “Midship,” but in “Halo 5” it takes 8.43 seconds while sprinting, and 10.46 seconds without sprinting on “Truth.” This shows that “Truth” was drastically stretched to give room for the sprint mechanic, but unintentionally slows the game down.  
If “Halo” should copy anything from “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield,” it should be going back to their roots. 343 Industries doesn’t seem to know the potential of a traditional “Halo” game in today’s environment. The closest thing we have had to it was 2014’s “Halo: the Master Chief Collection,” but due to a broken launch and fractured community, the true power of a classic “Halo” game was not able to blossom.