Two-party system does not work

By Alexis Tucker, Managing Editor

(Image from Smithsonian Magazine)

For the majority of people, there only seems to be two options at the polls. Of course, there are more options, but people feel like there isn’t a true choice. This is our fault. We as the American people have let only two parties dominate the political sphere. The only way to make change happen is by actually doing something, so we have to be the change we want to see in the world. 
A two-party system does not fully encompass the great diversity of all kinds in our nation, and thus, the people can’t be properly represented. The “lesser of two evils” debate is just a complete fallacy to excuse letting someone into office that you don’t completely agree with, and this thinking pits the people against each other when they should work together. 
Several countries in Europe have multiple parties in power such as France’s system, which includes political parties like the Union for a Popular Movement, their Socialist party, the Democratic movement and the Centrists. Of course, our system of government works differently than theirs, but that doesn’t mean multiple parties can’t share the Senate and House. Dividing power this way can also make it harder for Congress to pass laws, which is a good thing.
Congress will have to compromise and make every party happy, and the outcomes of a vote will be less predictable based on who has the majority. The majority party will have less power, and the lesser parties can work together. This alone can solve many problems because not compromising in the government is an unacceptable practice. 
The issues we face as a nation are complicated. Solutions are easier said than done, but there were many times in history when the people took a stand: The Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Suffrage, the opposition to Vietnam, and so much more. America has been through more divided times in the past, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the disapproval, the feelings we have because it would be hard.