Ocelot Opinions


What is the first sign of spring?

Interviews by Christian Hollis, Editor-in-Chief
Photos by David Vega, Staff Photographer

Cynthia Avery (1).JPG
Cynthia Avery
Major: Nursing
“When it’s like 50 degrees and above and it stays like that for a good while, not like the other day when it shot up to 60 degrees for no reason.”
Bobby Shutter (1).JPG
Bobby Shutter
Major: Undecided
“When it starts getting sunnier, starts to rain a lot, flowers start blooming, grass starts turning green and just really good weather.”


Teresa Avery
Major: Nursing
“It starts to get warm and everything melts, that’s when spring is near.”
Marco Mauti
Major: Undecided
“When it starts getting warmer and its not freezing! I’m always cold so when it starts picking up a bit, I get happier.”
Sureena Koppolu
Major: Graphic Design
“When it completely stops snowing, spring is coming.”
Jackson Cambo
Major: Undecided
“First time is when I actually want to leave my house. When I want to do things, and spend more time outside.”
David Lane (1).JPG
David Lain
Major: Criminal Justice
“I used to live in Jersey, everytime I look out and see leaves growing … it’s kind of hard to tell in Michigan because it’s always gray.”
Samantha Stafford
Major: Clinical Psychology
“When the dew starts to form on the grass and when the weather starts to become a little warmer and you can break out the windbreakers. There’s an excitement in the air.”
Nathan Pepera
Major: Culinary Arts
“When it starts to get warmer outside, and when it starts to rain instead of snow.”