New clubs on the block


Four new student groups grace Schoolcraft with ambitious goals

By Christian Hollis and Alexis Tucker

Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor

Farm to Table 
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The Sustainability club meetings are every Thursday from 4 to 5 p.m. in Conference Room C. The ultimate goal of the Sustainability Club is to grow and maintain a garden on campus. With this proposed garden, compost will be needed, and by making some on campus, waste would be reduced. Club president Nick Mannisto is in the culinary arts bachelor’s program for dietician manager and a Sous Chef at Henry’s. 
“I like knowing where my food comes from…local, sustainable…farm-to-table,” said Mannisto. “Everyone can see what the final destination is, and what the micro goals are to get there. (Any) help with this club is much appreciated, so we can provide an impact to the school and to the community.” Fundraising is needed to make the garden happen, but with enough effort, these goals should be within reach. 
MKP Acapella Group 
Singing Children
Do you have a passion for singing and are looking to meet students with a similar interest? A new musical club is forming for students. Ashley McMillan, the Mary Kay Price (MKP) Acapella Group founder, named the club after her choir director from Northville High School who recently retired from directing. McMillan sang on choir for seven years during grade school. “It’s been weird this last year of being in college and not having that one hour of the day to destress [by singing] and just forget everything.” said McMillan. 
With the help of the Student Activities Office, McMillan looks to create events based around what members want, but the MKP Acapella Group still need signatures and more members until it can be considered an official club at Schoolcraft. 
The MKP Acapella Group meets Mondays in Conference Room D of the lower Waterman in the VisTaTech Center. 
Mountain Movers 
Co-founders Joshua Walker and Lory Guipi are creating Mountain Movers, a new club to help students suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Meetings will begin in April in a professional environment and people will be able to share their stories about depression or suicide. There is a strict no phones, no gossip policy during the meetings, but recordings are allowed if the speaker permits it. 
Mountain Movers also plan on organizing events in the upcoming fall semester, one of which called the Smile Train. Members will go around the Schoolcraft campus and give positivity to students and faculty.  
“Yes we’re a club, but this isn’t something you just come to every week, this is a lifestyle, a movement,” said Walker. “We really want people to know that it’s OK to talk people, OK to get professional help and it’s OK to smile.” 
Mountain Movers is currently looking for members and engagers for their club.
Safe Place 
Safe Place plans to help students find support and resources both on and off campus for members of the LGBT+ community, people with mental illnesses, disabilities and other minority groups. They also wish to host board games to help create friendships inside the club. Safe Place aims to educate both students and faculty through events and trigger warnings in courses. 
“I encourage anyone to come who wants to talk about relevant topics in the community, talk about your own experiences.” said Eric Ealovega, Co-President of Safe Space. “The name of the club is Safe Place, it’s sort of like being in a safe environment.” 
Safe Place meets Tuesdays from 4 to 5 p.m. in Conference Room C in the lower Waterman of the VistaTech Center.  
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