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By Alexandra Lachine, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Steam to remaster “Tomb Raider” 1-3

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Open VR support coupled with a new 3D engine will allow Steam to bring remasters of the first three games of the “Tomb Raider” series to PC. Realtech VR dropped the news on Twitter at the beginning of the month, which has since been met with excitement and some dismay that the remasters are only going to be available for Steam due to licensing.
The trio will be included with the purchase of the DOS version sold on Steam. With the reboot of the movie coming to theatres March 16, “Tomb Raider” fans have many reasons to rejoice.
FaceTime with Uncle Jesse
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Actor John Stamos, 54, made a little fan’s dream come true March 10. Iris Houston, a young girl from Tennessee, was posted in a video on her mother’s Instagram crying about desperately wanting to talk to Uncle Jesse from beloved sitcom “Full House.”
Upon seeing the video for himself, Stamos couldn’t help but give Houston a ring on FaceTime where he and his fan had a heartwarming
15-minute interaction she will be sure to remember. Stamos also invited the mother-daughter duo to visit the set of series revival “Fuller House” this summer.
New classic, new console
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Fans have eagerly awaited the arrival of cult favorite “Super Smash Bros.” for the Nintendo Switch. Since the game for Wii U has been due for a sequel since the culmination of its DLC updates in 2016, it is expected that “Super Smash Bros.” for the Switch will be a fresh entry for the series. New developer Hal Laboratories is currently leading the development of the game, as opposed to the speculated Bandai Namco.
A tweet from Masahiro Sakurai, creator and lead developer of the series, has confirmed that a title announcement will soon reveal that the game will be a new take on a beloved classic for the Switch.
Lorna Luft battles brain tumor
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Actress-singer Lorna Luft, 65, collapsed backstage during a
performance in London March 9. Luft, daughter of late Hollywood legend Judy Garland, was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Victoria Varela, Luft’s representative, revealed that the entertainer has been suffering from memory loss regarding song lyrics and words to her monologue.