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Things that make you go, “Huh”


Alexis Tucker and Lauren Engelhardt

The first 1,000 visitors to the Detroit Zoo April 14, received a bucket with 5 pounds full of animal manure. The Detroit Zoo gave a presentation to show how they convert animal manure and other organic waste into methane-rich gas, which powers the animal hospital. The Detroit Zoo hopes to show what GreenFest is all about.
The Walking Dead, Starring Racoons
The police in Youngstown, Ohio were forced to act as animal control when they received multiple calls over the past three weeks about “zombielike” raccoons.
These raccoons were suffering from distemper, which includes coughing, tremors, seizures and losing fear of human interaction. One resident reported a raccoon following him to his front door, showing its teeth and then having seizure. All 14 of the reported raccoons have been euthanized.
White Deer In Detroit 
Kensington Metropark has gotten a new visitor. Park members first noticed the white doe in the spring of last year, and it appears she has gotten through the winter just fine.
While some would think she is an albino deer, she is actually just genetic variant. Albinism is marked by pink eyes, but the Kensington doe has blue eyes and a pink nose. For visitors interested in seeing her, the doe is most often found in the morning near the golf course.
Michael Scott Saves The Day
A Central Michigan student found a squirrel drowning in a pool, and she was able to revive it.
Her methodology behind it was to reenact a scene from The Office. In Season 5 of the show in which Michael Scott was showing his co-workers how to perform CPR with his own interpretation.
She performed CPR to the tune of 1977 hit “Stayin’ Alive,” as the episode showed. She even sang the song as she was doing it. After caring for the squirrel in her dorm room, Natalie Belsito released the squirrel back into the wild.