Ocelot Opinions


What are your summer plans?

Interviews by Anthony Plescia, Staff Writer
Photos by Michael Wirick, Staff Layout Artist

Alycea Wells
Major: Undecided
“My plans for the summer are to train for bowling so I can get a scholarship so I can get out of state to a university, and I don’t have to pay.
Elizabeth Cummings
Major: Elementary Education
“My plans for the summer are to work more at the daycare I’m at and to just hang out with all my friends and family as much as I can because I feel as though working hard is going to be good towards my career, and my friends and family are the most important people to me.”
Joseph Avery
Major: Finance
“Working and going to school just because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple of years. Hopefully, I’d like to start planning my first internship with General Electric soon.”
Haley Snyder
Major: Graphic Design
“I’m going to go camping because I like being outdoors.”
Riley Hellmer
Major: Culinary Arts
“My plans are to continue education and go through with my full-time job because I don’t want to get out of the habit of keeping up the schedule I have.”
Kyle Kean
Major: Audio Engineering
“I’m going to be working a full-time job at Action Printech, which is a book manufacturing company, and then I’m also going to be recording some bands, so I can get my foot in the door for audio engineering.”
Kyle Kaufman
Major: Business Management
“My plans for the summer would be finding a school to transfer to in the fall and pretty much working the entire time.”