Round 4: Avengers: Age of Ultron vs Spider-Man: Homecoming


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By Alexis Tucker, Managing Editor

The case for Avengers: Age of Ultron
Age of Ultron begins the introduction to many of the plot points that are now coming together for Infinity War. Ultron went to Wakanda for Klaue, which stole vibranium from the Wakandans, and it begins to set up for the Wakandan story. After Age of Ultron, Hulk/Bruce Banner isn’t seen until Thor: Ragnarok where he becomes a gladiator in the Grandmaster’s fight. Bruce and Natasha are slowly delving into their “relationship” and the problems of it. The man take away is the fallout between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.
In the story, it can be difficult having so many characters on screen, and it can be an even harder task to show what everyone’s thinking. When Scarlet Witch bewitched the Avengers, all of them have a moment where they are trapped in their own minds and see a vision of the past or future. The vision Tony sees makes him create Ultron to prevent watching all of his friends die, and this also leads into Civil War.
The case for Spider-Man: Homecoming
This is easily the best Spider-Man. Peter Parker is the right age, and it is believable he is a sophomore.
There is so much to love in the story. The tension between Vulture and Spider-Man is extremely well done with the dramatic irony of the audience knowing the whole story and not the characters. Peter acts like what a teenager would do: the mistakes he makes because “the adults” are keeping him in the dark, he thinks he has to do everything on his own, he rebels against what Tony is telling him to do, etc.
The choices to not do an origin story and the green goblin villain worked well in Marvel’s favor. With all the Spider-Man movies in the last decade, no one needed to see yet another origin story, and the green goblin went along with that origin story as well.

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Winner: Spider-Man: Homecoming
Age of Ultron was an important movie for the story, definitely, but it didn’t and really couldn’t live up to the hype. Spider-Man didn’t outperform Age of Ultron in the box office, but it was much better received by fans. Age of Ultron fell flat because the first Avengers set the bar too high, and there wasn’t much that stood out overall that couldn’t have been explained in another movie instead.