Round 4: Assemble in Wakanda

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Avengers vs Black Panther

By Alexis Tucker, Managing Editor

The case for “The Avengers”
Marvel has taken their time to craft a world where superheroes could exist, and they even omitted much of the comics to fit the big screen not just for practical purposes but for believability purposes. When Avengers comes around, everyone is excited to see all of these characters on one screen interacting, but this movie could just as easily function on its own without needing the previous movies. The Avengers movies were made to affect the world just like the other movies, but they have their own exclusivity as well, meaning Avengers leads into Avengers: Age of Ultron not Iron Man 3. This leaves many people to have options on the movies they want to watch in the MCU, so fans don’t absolutely have to watch every single movie to understand what is going on.
Avengers has its own jokes and feel, so it doesn’t feel like Captain America, Thor, Hulk, or Iron Man. The movie is serious when it needs to be, but it doesn’t beat you over the head with it, leaving it being a very fun popcorn movie.
The case for “Black Panther”
The story showed the culmination of many years of trial and error for the Marvel team, showing in the various receptions of their movies.
Watching Black Panther, you can easily see where they drew inspiration from African Culture and the comics, which was beautifully woven together to create an interesting narrative anyone can enjoy. A real language, spoken by 8-11 million people, called “Xhosa” was chosen to represent Wakanda. Xhosa isn’t a highly recognizable language, but it brings ties to the real world, which feels particularly important in a fictional country. The narrative felt like a culture clash between Wakandans and Americans, which this conversation seems very relevant today. The back-and-forth between Killmonger and T’Challa really expresses this feel.
T’Challa: “You will destroy the world, Wakanda included!”
Erik Killmonger: “The world took everything away from me! Everything I ever loved! But I’ma make sure we’re even.”
The importance of this movie can’t be stressed enough, especially showing with the mostly African-American cast. Marvel has finally started showcasing the diversity in their movies that many fans want and crave in the MCU. Bringing in these different cultures has brought new and interesting ideas to the forefront rather than the storylines just being driven by Western ideals.

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Winner: The Avengers
It wasn’t until the end credit scene in “Iron Man” that the realization of an Avengers movie came. Watching all of these characters come together on screen was completely different, and now, everyone wants a cinematic universe. This one was a really hard decision, but “Black Panther” is an extremely close second. “Avengers” created an excitement leading up to it with every movie before it, and this excitement is second to the build up for Infinity War.