Master Help


by Christian Hollis
Twenty culinary students that assisted with the production of the Certified Master Chef (CMC) exam were awarded American Culinary Federation branded knives April 17 in the Kehrl Auditorium. Each respected assistant had their name engraved into their knife.
“I worked in the back with Chef Chris,” said one culinary student, Scott Whitteaker. “We brought all the product in from the conveyer… separated to where it was supposed to be and we build the speed racks for these chefs so when they were in for competition they had all the product they were supposed to have.”
The CMC exam was hosted at Schoolcraft from Sept. 30 to Oct. 7, 2017. Schoolcraft’s very own Chef Shawn Loving was awarded the certification of Certified Master Chef, a title that only 68 other chefs in America share.
“The test was big for me,” said Chef Loving to the 20 students. “I really just want to reflect on how professional Schoolcraft came across… you set the bar really high for those who volunteer after you.”
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ACF Knife
Courtesy photos by Schoolcraft College  Each student were given knives with their names engraved into it.