Student management


Combating the common problems all students face

by Alexis Tucker, Managing Editor

College can get overwhelming, and it can be easy to blow off classes, indulge in the party culture and ignore the urge to build healthy habits. This sort of behavior can really make-or-break students in the long term, and it’ll hold them back if they don’t invest their time more wisely. Every student faces these problems at one point or another, but they can make college a little less stressful with some habit changes.
Time investment
It can be incredibly easy to keep missing classes once the habit of not going forms, but it is important to continue going. What’s the point of spending all that money to miss almost every class? Invest time into studying, going to classes and doing well will become much easier. Take time every day or off-days (the day after a class) to study for 10 to 20 minutes to sink in the information. A little studying every day goes a long way, and this prevents having to cram before a test and spend long periods of time forcing the information in, which can make studying a dreadful and painful experience.
Work smarter, not harder
Once finding the perfect way to study, maintain the habit. What works for one student may not work well for another, and once study habits form, it can be difficult to break them. Watch for fatigue or when the information isn’t sticking because then you’ve maxed out on studying for the day. After you reach that point, studying becomes unproductive and can actually do more harm than good, so take a step back and walk away. Make sure to study on a full stomach because if you’re hungry, you won’t have your full attention on the task.
The hardest character trait to build is discipline because it requires doing many things that people don’t like, commitment. It is easier said than done, but this is the best medicine to procrastination. It requires habitually studying and doing homework. It is deciding to keep building those good habits. It is deciding a specific time to do homework and studying.
Be aware of the resources and opportunities on campus. You won’t know you need help until it might be too late. Take the time to get to know at least a few students in every class, so when finals come, you have potential study partners. You can use the study rooms in the Bradner Library with fellow classmates to have study sessions on campus. You can also check out the Learning Assistance Center for help from tutors.
We can never get the time and money we’ve spent back, so we have to make the most the of it. Just breathe, and we’ll make it through these years at college.