Welcome back


by Christian Hollis, Editor-in-Chief

For those of you that are just joining Schoolcraft, welcome to College. We are excited to start this year with you.
For those of you returning, you might have noticed that the Schoolcraft Connection looks a bit different. We have changed the layout design, our logo and even updated our website (schoolcraftconnection.com).
We have made a commitment to ourselves to keep the contents of each issue stay relevant and local. We realize that you aren’t coming to us for the latest news in global politics, professional sports coverage or our thoughts with the latest Marvel movies. Though there is space for that kind of content online, we will focus on keeping things relative or close to campus in the print. We want to cover student musicians, events in Metro Detroit, and politics that fall in our local area.
With such an important year ahead of us with the ballot initiative, it is more important than ever to #StayConnected.