The highest crime in journalism

by Christian Hollis, Editor-in-Chief

Imagine staying up to 3 a.m., writing the best essay you have written for your ENG 101 class. Imagine providing proper citations, meeting word count, using proper literary terms, and landing a perfect 100 percent on your paper. Then, two years later, someone somehow finds your paper and copies it. The amount of disrespect felt at that moment is unbelievable.
The subject at hand comes up after controversy over former Nintendo Editor Filip Miucin from IGN was accused of plagiarizing a review of Motion Twin’s “Dead Cells” by a small YouTube channel named Boomstick Gaming. After an extended investigation, IGN has let go of Miucin and re-reviewed “Dead Cells.”
There is no reason to plagiarize a review other than blatant laziness. A review is simply the writer’s impressions of a type of media. What seems like a dream job to many, Miucin threw away his career to save himself some time. Now, because of Miucin’s crime, IGN has to live with unfair backlash from their audience and embarrassment.
Is it worth piling on Miucin, or even destroying his career? Personally, I do not think so. He’s lost his dream job and he will probably never work in games media again, but it is about setting a standard.
Producer at IGN Brian Altano took to Twitter to give his thoughts about the “Dead Cells” review. “For the record, most video game websites don’t really have practices in place to stop plagiarism because hiring people who love to write and talk about video games from their own personal perspective is the whole f****** point.”
This needs to be changed.
For a publication the size of IGN, the biggest publication in games media, they have a duty to uphold journalistic integrity for their audience. New staff members should be properly vetted and looked into before hiring. A simple Google search of suspicious phrasing can save a lifetime’s worth of reputation. To not do that, it is as lazy as plagiarizing in the first place.
If there is anything IGN and Filip Miucin have taught us during this time it is that if you are writing an essay for class, publishing an article or uploading a video, if you plagiarize, you will get caught. The consequences for plagiarizing can be life changing, and in an academic setting, can lead toward expulsion. The damage doesn’t stop there. Many areas of work can result in court cases, and large settlements may be met.
So please, just spend the extra time to use proper citations in all forms of writing, because you do not want to ruin your dreams just to save 15 minutes.