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Photo by Josh Walker

Photo by Josh Walker

Learning Center services gives students resources to succeed

by Josiah Thomas, Staff Writer

Remember a time when you just felt like quitting and dropping a class because it felt impossible to get through? Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. Schoolcraft has just the solution to assist students who may need that extra assistance to get through that challenging chapter or course. The Learning Center offers tutoring at the main campus in Livonia, the Radcliff Center in Garden City, and online. The resources are free of charge to all registered students.
There is nothing to be embarrassed or intimidated about when asking for a tutor because students will find that the Learning Center follows a very simple step-by-step process. All students need to do is walk-in and let the staff assign them with a tutor. Share any questions and concerns with the tutor, and the staff will point students in the correct direction. Students can find small groups working together on a select subject, and other times they can be found working together on a problem posted on the whiteboard in the room and working together to solve it.
The Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) tutors are peers with a passion for a subject and are chosen to help in specific classes. PALS have completed these classes before, and they can anticipate the problems students may have. There will be a specific time set by the class or PALS every week to meet with them.
The Writing Support Studio is a peer-review staff of tutors who specialize in writing across all disciplines. They help students break their writer’s block by offering help with writing, organization, structure and style. Outlines and narrowing down topics, citations and formatting such as MLA and APA formats are a few of the ways that tutors can help get reports done with high marks and that leg up on a speech. In addition, the peer-review staff helps students with grammar and mechanics, so that students will have more options to revise and refine the structure and content of their work, whether the assignment is in an English composition class or a lab report that requires technical language to complete. Work can be submitted online as well as in person to have a member of the Studio check it over and proofread it.
The Tutoring Lab can help you get access to models and anatomy programs for lab classes, complete with digital programs, model skeletons and models of human anatomy. Also available are programs such as Statdisk, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for those CGT courses.
As for mathematics, students who need help in conquering those algebra problems and practicing their graphing calculator in time for exams can simply drop in can expect to see one ready to help with the most common problems. Others will have the opportunity to work with fellow students in small groups, often with students from the same class, receiving instruction either on an individual basis or from a tutor who takes the initiative to write a math problem for all of them to work together toward solving.
“It’s great,” said Elissa Mughannem, math tutor at Radcliff Center. “It’s nice to be able to help people understand problems from their classes.”
With 40 students on staff ready to assist during regular hours and special tutoring requests available in subjects outside of the STEM field, Schoolcraft delivers a pleasant, inviting and engaging learning environment where students collaborate and succeed.
For those students who may find it easier to get assistance at Schoolcraft’s satellite campus in Garden City, the Radcliff Center offers many of these same programs, offering assistance in specialized fields not offered on the Livonia campus.
“We are able to assist students with almost any class they are taking and tutor a lot of math and English,” said Sherrye Bailey, the Faculty Facilitator and Coordinator of the Radcliff Learning Center. “Radcliff is also home to all Allied Health programs such as Health Information Technology, Medical Assisting and EMT. We do a lot of tutoring in these specialized areas.”
If in need of an accommodation for an upcoming exam, students need to sign up one week in advance to arrange for a reader or a writer to help out. Schedules are posted online at for both campuses.
Before you give up and drop that class, consider stopping by the Learning Center for assistance and get you back on that path to success.
For more information about the Learning Center-Bradner Library location call 734-462-4436 or [email protected] For the Radcliff location call 734-462-4755 or email [email protected]

Photo by Josh Walker