Consultant’s Corner


Publication Date: 9/17/18
Dear Peer Consultants,
I have been having trouble with understanding the importance of writing as it relates to my career path. I am struggling to find the motivation for written assignments in my English courses because I do not see how this is preparing me for my future career.
Seeking Clarity,
A Hopeful Student
Dear Hopeful Student,
Even someone whose passion resides in ink and paper can share the thoughts you are having. It is okay to question the professional relevance of any type of coursework, but what matters is the change in action that those questions can lead to.
Simply put, writing is essential to all else. Whether it be a research paper in Composition Ⅱ to a lab report in Microbiology, what is central to all writing is the communication of ideas. Developing the student’s capacity according to academic conventions is something that educational institutions view as part of a complete education. Employers in any field also view the ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively as a vital asset. Nearly any occupation requires writing in some form. Employers will likely not ask you to compose an argumentative essay, but you will be expected to communicate your opinions on various situations and evaluate the viewpoints of clashing parties or interests. For example, medical professionals have to write reports on the status of their patients or clear directions in a treatment plan. While this is no collegiate essay, the importance of clearly communicating remains.
Writing as we refer to it in the academic arena often possesses rigid connotation, yet when writing is defined across several fields of life it begins to carry different identities that we may not typically recognize. It may not seem so now, but developing writing skills can be translated across virtually every aspect of life, from communicating with friends and family to constructing a thank you letter for a scholarship.
As aforementioned, appraising coursework is valid for any student at some point or another. As Peer Consultants, we are more than happy to support students in their desire to develop their skills as writers. We recognize that every student is unique and are therefore ready to offer our guidance along any step of the journey that is the writing process. Your willingness to better understand writing’s importance and expressing your concerns to us are first steps in the right direction.
Thank you for consulting the Writing Support Studio. As always, feel free to visit us in the Learning Center of Bradner Library with any of your writing concerns.
Best Wishes,
The Writing Support Studio