Sex trafficking seminar “Hidden in the Shadows” in McDowell


by Joshua Walker

Staff Writer

With sex trafficking being a hot topic, Schoolcraft is putting on a panel presentation on Sept. 13 in the VistaTech Center Room 550 from 12 to 1:30 p.m. hosted by Schoolcraft’s Kimberly Lark of the History Department. The sponsors of this event are The Pearls of Great Price Coalition, The Schoolcraft Foundation, and The Schoolcraft International Institute. The panel will include members of The Pearls of Great Price Coalition, a grassroot Christian coalition, that is based here in southeast Michigan. Their main goal is fighting the human sex trafficking epidemic through education and advocacy. During the presentation there will be 4 guest speakers who will all talk about their experience and their relation to human trafficking; Carrie Wood : The Founder of pearls of great price coalition who will give a 10 minute informing the audience about the human trafficking and how to get involved to help., Rita O’brien; a survivor of human trafficking she will be speaking about her personal experience., Mike and Twyla of Night Angels who will speaking on making a difference in the streets of Detroit in regarding human trafficking victims. They will conclude with Mike Ball who will provide music, songs, and stories of various victims of human trafficking. There will also be a Q and A panel following the presentation for anyone who might have any questions, comments, or concerns.
“We would like for students to understand the importance of human trafficking and that it can happen anywhere even in Livonia and we want to educate students on knowing the signs of human trafficking and how to help,” said Debbie Lay who is the lead and detail person for Hidden in the Shadows.
The day of the event the event the Night Angels will be accepting donations in the form of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and women’s sanitary items.  For anyone who is looking to know more about human trafficking, wanting to learn how to advocate for human trafficking, or is wondering how to volunteer, this is an to attend.
If you suspect any child or adult is a victim or is at risk of becoming a victim, call the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services hotline 855-444–3911, but if the individual is in immediate danger please call 911.
For more information on the panel on campus, call 734-462-7192.