Hands on experience for STEM majors


Photo from eyeofriyadh.com

by Alexis Tucker, Managing Editor

Despite going through rigorous and time-consuming STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) courses, many students still will not know what they would do in their field of choice. With the addition of the SCE (science, computers, engineering) Club on campus, students now have the opportunity to see what they could be doing in the future with no prior experience needed to start.
“The entire [club] is an emphasis on hands on experience…learn, build, innovate,” said Chris
Wood, Physics Professor and SCE Club adviser.
SCE Club is more like a co-op than it is a traditional club. Students will pick projects to work on
either by themselves or with others, which they could use on a resume for university
applications or job-seeking. With the guidance of club adviser Wood, students build their project or lab throughout a period of time that is chosen by the student. A list of potential projects or labs are given by Wood to get students thinking about subject matter, but they are not required. Students have the opportunity to originate their own projects. The projects themselves will utilize some of the equipment already on campus that might not get as much use otherwise, so students get to take advantage all the lab equipment Schoolcraft has to offer. Once the lab is created or project built, students will create a showcase video if they choose to be able to physically show what they worked on and created.
Students interested in the topics but not the hands-on experience still have the opportunity to participate in the meetings to observe and learn.
Prospective SCE Club members should think about the time they are willing to allot for each session, which can be even a Saturday or Sunday, how deep into the subject matter they would like, and the sort of experience they would like to have whether it be observing or creating.
Interested students should contact Wood at [email protected]