Extracurricular activities are invaluable to the college experience

by the Schoolcraft Connection staff

It’s important to go somewhere after the class ends. At Student Activities, there are over 30 clubs that are operated by students focused at creating events for students. Last academic year, there were 273 events on campus, and this year’s expectations are just as high. These events give great opportunity for career building, community volunteering, socializing and spiritual building.
Extracurricular activities are a great way to get active in campus life and spend your time. Even if being active at school doesn’t sound very fun, it’s a great way to network with people in your field and practice different skills. It also looks good on a resume to say you have some type of experience doing what you want to do and working with others. Even if someone does not have interest in existing clubs, there’s always the option to create a new one that pertains to someone’s interests or goals.
Resume building is important to be thinking about right now, especially when there are specific clubs on campus to do just that. The several career/class specific clubs help with building skills for that career path or help with classes, and students will be surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals. Staying on campus to meet other students helps build a support network when classes get hard, so students will have people to study with when those times come.
The Student Activities not only offers clubs and a plethora events to explore, but also contains other amenities to enjoy.
The gaming area is filled with Xbox Ones, and a newly refreshed game catalog in which students can rent out controllers and games. A Ping Pong table and pool table is also available to challenge your friends to a quick game. Students in exchange for an ID can play anytime between, before or even after classes. There is also a movie area where students can just sit down enjoy movies and snack on some free popcorn that is offered throughout the day Monday through Thursday. Students can request at any time movies of choice in the Student Activities Office. With the upcoming School Daze festival, we hope to see even more students come down to the Lower Waterman and enjoy what Student Activities has to offer.